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Compact assist

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Compact assist

Achieve optimum compaction results, with less effort, thanks to Compact Assist. Developed to facilitate a more successful compaction process and accessed from the 10” Volvo Co-Pilot monitor, the suite of tools provides operators of Volvo Soil and Asphalt Compactors with clear information on the task at hand.

Volvo Compact Assist

Compact assist for asphalt

Key tools for asphalt compactors

Pass mapping

Know where you've been, and where you need to go​
Just a quick glance at the pass mapping screen gives operators a clear view of their stop points and overlaps. Pass mapping guides operators through a uniform rolling pattern, without over or under compaction, so they can quickly and efficiently make adjustments to ensure they never miss a spot.​

Temperature mapping

Too hot to handle, too cold to roll​
Ensure compaction is completed at the optimum pavement temperature. A color-coded map of surface temperatures and the ability to set the maximum/minimum range enables the operator to easily avoid rolling with a mix temperature that is too hot or too cold.​

Density direct

Know you’ve done the job right​
​Accurately measure the quality of the pavement while you work, with Density Direct. Volvo’s patented solution provides a real-time estimate of the material density percentage and maps the entire job.

Compact assist for soil

Key tools for soil compactors

Packages to fit your needs

From simple compaction measurements, right through to complete tracking of both the coverage and compaction of the material, Compact Assist for Volvo Soil Compactors comes available in a number of packages to match the needs of your business.


Take your first steps towards improving the quality of your work with the Lite package. It integrates a simple compaction gauge and rearview camera within the Volvo Co-Pilot monitor, allowing the operator to track the progress of current and recently completed compaction, and giving them a clear view behind the machine. Upgrading to Start or Compact Assist in the future is easy.


This package includes the functionality of Lite, plus the ability to see completed work across the entire jobsite with pass mapping and Compaction Measurement Value (CMV) mapping. 

Compact Assist

This package includes all the functionality of Start, plus high accuracy location and data recording. It enables the creation of reports on the finished job and provides access to extensive detail on the performance of the roller, without the need for any post processing. 

  Compact Assist Lite

Compact Assist Start

Compact Assist
  Realtime measurements and visibility  Track your work  Accuracy and reporting 
Real-time Compaction Measurement Value (CMV)*  x x x
Pass Mapping 
x x
CMV Mapping*
x x
Integrated rearview camera  x x x
GPS antenna - High accuracy

Job data recorded and saved

Automatic job report creation

Job File download (USB & OTA) 


Over-The-Air software upload**  x x


*Not calibrated. 
**Requires a SIM card and data plan. 

Effective compliance with local IC requirements might vary; Please check relevant standards for your location. 
Compact Assist (Lite, Start, Compact Assist) is available for SD75B, SD115B, SD135B, SD160B.
Volvo Compact Assist
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