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Fuel advice

Assess, improve and sustain

Fuel advice

Rely on our expertise to help you lower your operating costs. Fuel Advice is designed to identify areas of improvement to ensure long-lasting fuel efficiency. Receive an advice package from your Volvo dealer including the three-step journey: assess, improve and sustain.

Assess your performance

Your local dealer assesses the performance of your Volvo machines to tailor a program according to specific areas of your operations.

Improve fuel efficiency

Implement a relevant actions plan for your operations as advised by your Volvo dealer. Choose the areas you want to focus on, such as working efficiency, waiting time or excessive idle time to improve fuel efficiency.

Sustain your achievements

Optimize long-term fuel efficiency with help from your Volvo dealer, delivering regular follow-up performance assessments. Your local dealer will work by your side all along the three-step Fuel Advice journey to ensure long-lasting results.

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