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CO₂ savings calculator

Electric construction machines are an ideal solution to help customers tackle one of their biggest challenges: how to reduce their carbon footprint. And while the environmental advantage may be obvious, it can also be hard to put that benefit into concrete numbers. But with our CO2 savings calculator we are able to provide an overview of the likely carbon savings you will make by opting for one of our electric construction solutions.

Want to reduce CO₂ in your projects?

There are many reasons why you should choose an electric-powered machine. By eliminating the need for fossil fuels to run your construction equipment, you are eliminating exhaust emissions. This not only allows you to work in environments where diesel is not an option - such as low emission zones or indoor applications - but the reduction of CO2 also creates a more sustainable and pleasant way of working.

Need to reach net zero before 2030?

Many of our customers are working towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050 - with significant reductions needing to be made as early as 2030. Our electric construction vehicles and charging solutions can support you to reach your targets reliably and efficiently. And now with the use of our CO2 savings calculator, you can visualise those savings in real terms and keep you on track.

Want to know more about electric construction and carbon footprint?

Are you planning a zero-emission construction site? Do you have Science Based Targets to reach? Are you wondering how you can reduce your carbon footprint? Please contact your local dealer to discuss how electric machines can support your goals.

Achieving net zero as part of the Science Based Targets

Volvo CE is committed to achieving net zero value chain greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, with significant reductions by 2030, as an early adopter of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We are dedicated to reaching this milestone a decade earlier than other players so as to ensure our customers achieve their goals by 2050. We know therefore that an understanding of your overall CO2 impact - as well as the savings you are making - is so strategically important if you are to achieve your climate goals.

What are science based targets?

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Energy savings calculator

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Reduce carbon footprint in utility

A shared ambition to ensure a low carbon footprint when building an electric vehicle charging station resulted in high carbon savings. When building 64 EV charging stations, Vattenfall, one of Sweden's largest energy companies, opted to use electric to build electric. By using the Volvo L25 electric and ECR25 Electric the work was completed in a sustainable way which also resulted in CO2 saving of 3,000Kg over the course of this 11 week project.

Electric utility works

Sweden’s largest fossil-free worksite

The transformation of a 100-year-old meat packing district in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, set new standards for fossil-free construction sites when it began in 2022. And it was in part due to our mid-size EC230 Electric excavator that the construction of 3,000 homes and 14,000 workplaces is expected to save 2,000 tons of carbon when the urban development project is finished. That is the equivalent of 35 trucks driving about eight hours a day over one year.

Fossil-free worksite
Zero emission construction
Zero emission construction
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