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Whether you’re using diesel or electric machines, our advanced telematics solution CareTrack can seamlessly integrate with your fleet. Gain insights into machine location, fuel levels and total machine hours that will help improve the efficiency of your business.
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Actionable insights

Optimize your production with useful information about load efficiency, performance, fuel consumption and utilization rates.

Reliable data

Our advanced telematics enables high quality connectivity with up to real time measuring frequency for newer machines.

Fully compatible

Compatible with both old and new machines, CareTrack can be seamlessly integrated regardless of your fleet’s age or composition.

CareTrack Start & Advance

CareTrack Start is included with your new machine and includes information about machine status.

CareTrack Advance is bought via subscription and includes support for optimizing production using information about load efficiency, performance, fuel consumption and utilization rates.

Optimise the fleet and maximise productivity

With the CareTrack web application you get an overview of your entire fleet complete with information on which machines need charging and where they are located.

Basic machine information to help you follow how your machines are running.

Advanced machine information designed to help you get the most out of your machines with:

  • High-level production data
  • Utilization and alarms
  • The possibility to create custom reports with key metrics, including CO₂ emissions

CareTrack start is included with your new Volvo machine. Set up your account today and activate the service together with your local dealer contact.

Your local dealer contact can help you upgrade your subscription to the Advance service.

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