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Energy cost savings calculator

Did you know that running an electric construction machine is actually cheaper than operating a diesel alternative? With the price gap between diesel and electricity expected to widen even further over the coming years, electric machines are no longer just a smart choice for the environment, they are good for business too. This is on top of the other benefits in terms of reduced maintenance costs, lower noise and CO2 emissions, and improved environment for the operator and those working in vicinity of the machine.

Running electric excavators is cheaper

You can get much more out of your electric excavator for the same amount of money you would spend on a diesel powered machine. It all depends on working smarter, not harder. The reduced operating costs make electric excavators a much more powerful choice for cost-efficient jobsites. Just enter your requirements below and find out how much you can really save.

How much can you save with an electric loader?

With the rising price of fuel, you can make cost savings with an electric wheel loader, as it requires a simple power up from the electricity grid rather than using costly diesel. And as soon as the operator stops working, the electric motors turn off, so no unnecessary operating hours are added. So just imagine how much it’s possible to save over the time it takes to complete a whole project.

Want to know more about how to save energy costs?

Do you want to know how much you can save on your construction project if you would use electric machines instead? Please contact your local dealer for more information.

Less servicing equals more uptime

With electric machines, there are no engine-related service costs like there are with diesel. This means no more engine oil and engine filter changes! We also believe that the lifetime of the battery-electric components should be equal to, or even better than, that found on a conventional diesel machine. All of this adds up to increased uptime on site and less downtime in the workshop.

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CO₂ savings calculator

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Cost savings in landscaping

When we talk about reduced energy costs with our zero-emission solutions, we are talking from experience. We put to work our ECR25 Electric compact excavator and our L25 Electric compact wheel loader at the famous Eden Project tourist attraction in Cornwall, UK, to be used in a landscaping application. The results showed that not only could choosing electric be more environmentally sound - for people and plantlife - but it was also possible to save 73% in energy costs and up to 3 tonnes of CO2 during the three-month project.

Energy cost savings at Eden

Cost savings in waste & recycling

Using our ECR25 Electric excavator in a waste and recycling application resulted in CO2 reduction savings of around 21 tonnes a year for Stena Recycling, one of Europe's leading waste and recycling companies. This also amounted to an annual energy cost saving of around 83%. A win for the environment and for our customer’s bottom line. Taking breaks only for quick charges, our electric machine proved to be a handy tool to work more sustainably with increased efficiency. The zero-emission operation also perfectly aligns with the recycling industry’s commitment to more circular economy practices.

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Zero emission construction
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