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Site Optimization

Make on-site logistics more efficient and lower your cost per tonne with the Site Optimization consultancy service. Whether you have an existing or new site in mind, our solution guarantees total haulage cost optimization, streamlining operations for greater business performance.
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Site Optimization

Lower costs, less CO₂

Simulations and reports will give insights to help you become more profitable while reducing your carbon footprint.

Powerful projections

Get greater accuracy in planning, forecasts, budgets and bids with projections on owning and operating costs.

Site assessment

Our experts will visit your site to collect the data needed for improving site operations.

Get full control of your operation

We can help you get a full overview of the haulage operations on site, ranging from total costs to CO₂ emissions. With our expertise in Volvo machines we can provide the best advice with maximum analytics accuracy.

Site Optimization
Run your site more efficiently

How it works

Site Optimization consists of three simple steps. It starts with the Prestudy which leads to a recommendation for the Main Study. When the Main Study is finished the Results are presented in a way that makes it easy to implement changes for improved performance.

The purpose of the Prestudy is to validate the investment of the Main Study. A site assessment is performed by visiting the site, conducting interviews and doing an initial analysis of available data. A statement of work for a Main Study is created.

The Prestudy comes at a fixed price and will generate an offer for the Main Study consisting of an objective, scope and price. The customer only commits to the Prestudy and can then decide to continue with the Main Study or not. 

The purpose of the Main Study is to provide recommendations to improve. By performing a deeper analysis of available data, simulation and root cause analysis, an improvement plan is created.

The Main Study price will be decided at the end of the Prestudy, and the delivery includes a Main Study report including recommended actions for improvement and their impact.

To ensure increased understanding on how to improve performance, 1-3 presentations of the results are performed. A presentation slide deck with all the results and analysis from the Main Study is also delivered.

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