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Innovation is at the core of Volvo Construction Equipment. It's our company mindset and our way of working. With over 180 years of construction and innovation expertise, we are at the forefront of technological development.

Innovation infiltrates every aspect of our product development process – from early conceptual exploration through to production. As well as optimizing conventional technology, we are developing radical, game-changing solutions. Our advanced engineering team looks as many as 30 years into the future and provides our organization with roadmaps of the technologies that are in their infancy today but which could make a big difference in the future.

Volvo Concept Lab

Volvo Concept Lab is a joint visionary communication platform for the Volvo Group and the Volvo Product Brand. Through Volvo Concept Lab, we showcase cutting-edge ideas and innovative concepts that meet our customers’ future needs and accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.


The HX1 autonomous, battery electric, load carrier is the first-generation prototype, which served as proof of concept for the updated, second-generation prototype, HX2. In 2016, Volvo CE celebrated HX1’s success in the Swedish Quality Innovation award.


The HX2 autonomous, battery-electric load carrier prototype incorporates shared technologies and components from the Volvo Group. The HX2 also has a completely new drivetrain and a vision system that detects humans or obstacles in the machine’s vicinity.


The EX1 is a 70-ton dual-powered, cable-connected excavator prototype. 
Although it’s operated in exactly the same way as a conventional Volvo excavator, it is much more environmentally friendly – in fact, when it’s plugged into the grid, it emits no carbon whatsoever.


The EX2 100% electric compact excavator prototype delivers zero emissions, 10 times higher efficiency, 10 times lower noise levels and reduced total cost of ownership compared to its conventional counterparts. The prototype has won the Intermat Innovation Award for its revolutionary design.


The LX1 electric hybrid wheel loader can deliver up to a 50% improvement in fuel efficiency. The machine also offers a significant reduction in emissions and noise pollution compared to its conventional counterparts. Tested in the real-world green waste composting site and a waste transfer site in California in 2017.


The LX2, the electric compact wheel loader, is a second-generation prototype. The combustion engine has been replaced with a lithium ion battery - it delivers zero emissions, significantly lower noise levels, improved efficiency and reduced operational costs, compared to its conventional counterparts. 

Research project

Electric Site

Volvo CE and Skanska are turning the quarrying industry upside down in a groundbreaking study to create the world’s first ‘emission-free’ quarry. Drawing on the electromobility and automation expertise of the Volvo Group, the research project, dubbed Electric Site, aims to electrify each transport stage in a quarry – from excavation to primary crushing, and transport to secondary crushing – although a negligible amount of diesel power will still be used. The system’s efficiency, safety and environmental benefits are set to impact both customers and society at large.

Electric Site Research Project

Innovation events

Volvo Group Innovation Summits

Following 2017’ Summits, the Volvo Group hosted a new Innovation Summit in Berlin on September 12 focusing on developing technologies connected to electromobility, automation and connectivity that will help to make the construction industry more sustainable.

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The Xploration Forum

In September 2016, we invited hundreds of customers, members of the international press, government representatives and academics to attend our Xploration Forum in Eskilstuna, Sweden. At the event we unveiled a range of futuristic concepts and innovations from electromobility to intelligent machines and total site solutions.

Everything was presented under the umbrella of ‘Volvo Concept Lab’ – a technology communication platform for Volvo-branded companies within the Volvo Group to showcase their research and development projects.

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Innovative solutions


The in-house developed Volvo Co-Pilot is designed for use on machines as diverse as excavators to pavers. It uses a tablet computer to deliver a new generation of intelligent machine services, such as Load Assist, Dig Assist, Compact Assist and Pave Assist.

Volvo Co-Pilot and the assist-functionalities help operators to produce higher quality outcomes, in less time and with less effort. 

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Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX is a revolutionary autonomous concept wheel loader. In order to develop the concept, Volvo Construction Equipment and Lego® Technic teamed up with children.

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