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Time for a change in how you manage projects

We know that a thriving worksite is one where there are many different activities happening at the same time. We also know that it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep track of everything. Task Manager by Volvo CE is a digital solution that allows you to connect the pieces of the puzzle together in one easy-to-use web application – saving you time, money, unnecessary administration and travel to different worksites.

With real-time information shared direct to your mobile device or desktop, you can keep track of the many activities, people, sites and machines – no matter the brand – allowing you the space to react to any unexpected circumstances with all the knowledge you need at hand.

Better connected

Task Manager is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to effectively manage different projects on site and gain increased visibility of their work. Whether you are a production manager, a site supervisor or a sub-contractor, you can achieve the clearest possible oversight of individual activities, projects and people, helping everyone to stay on target, on track and on budget.

Customer benefits

  • Boost site productivity and efficiency 
  • Enjoy faster project execution 
  • Track progress in real-time no matter where you are – from a phone or the office 
  • Keep your projects on time and on budget 
  • Set targets and ensure you are staying in line with your objectives 
  • Easily manage data from a mixed fleet 
  • Spend less time on administration and more time on your business 
  • Filter data by different time frames, projects, activities, materials or work orders 

How it works

  1. Set up – Task Manager could not be easier to integrate into your operations. Working as an easy-to-use web application, no hardware is needed to get things started. Once installed, set up new projects and work orders and invite colleagues to join. Share real-time status, updates via mobile device and set target objectives for each on-site activity.

  2. Stay on track – Once set up, you can see a clear real-time status on all your objectives, wherever you are. See a project status over a given timeframe (days or weeks) and check work order status by different activity to ensure progress is on target. You will also receive an estimate of when targets are likely to be met based on current performance. 

  3. See more – Task Manager fits perfectly with our existing suite of digital tools such as Volvo’s On-Board Weighing, Load Assist, and Dig Assist – ensuring that insights from these services are automatically incorporated into the app. And even for those customers without Volvo Co-Pilot, the operator will be able to quickly create manual load receipts.
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