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Perfect partner for electric landscaping

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. The same can be said for going electric. Electric construction equipment is ideal to support sensitive environments for sustainable landscaping and horticulture. With zero emissions, low noise and a more comfortable and peaceful operation, they are perfect for protecting the beauty that nature provides us - quietly working to maintain the natural world with no harmful pollutants.

Landscaping is about creating life and beauty with minimal impact. It requires a delicate touch and a light carbon footprint. So whether it is earthmoving and trenching, transporting plants or maintaining ground cover, our electric compact machines are the perfect match. Zero emissions are great for people and the air we breathe - but they are also an advantage when protecting delicate plant life. What is more they do not disrupt people’s enjoyment of nature when in operation. By reducing our impact on the environment, we can be at one with nature. That is why you will find our electric construction vehicles working in any number of landscaping applications - from national parks and areas of outstanding beauty to city center zoos and tourist attractions. When it comes to construction or maintenance for ecological environments like these - inside our cities or the great outdoors - our quiet and versatile electric construction equipment provide all the sensitivity and reduced noise needed to make landscaping more sustainable, together with all the power and performance to ensure optimum productivity. Our work at the Eden Project in Cornwall, for example, is a testament to what can be achieved by working with nature and not against it. Similarly, when we were tasked with upgrading a mountain bike track for SkiStar in Sweden, or rebuilding one of the longest and steepest cable car routes in the world, we knew that our electric construction machinery would be up for the task.

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Electric landscaping at the Eden Project

Home to stunning covered biomes that replicate the natural worlds of the Amazon and the Mediterranean, this tourist attraction in the heart of Cornwall, UK, welcomes 600,000 visitors yearly and is at the forefront of environment care. There is no better platform to accelerate change in the landscaping sector than by showcasing sustainable action in a globally renowned site like Eden, one that has played host to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, G7 world leaders and the Olympic torch. It made the ideal location to show the power of our emission-free electric construction machines in eradicating emissions across landscaping applications.

Suited to indoor and outdoor landscaping

Our L25 Electric compact wheel loader and ECR25 Electric compact excavator worked across a variety of applications both inside the world-famous biomes and outdoors, in creating a new garden nursery. Operators were impressed with the machines’ ability to work smoothly and respond quickly in a highly sensitive environment, protecting both the delicate plant life and of course the wellbeing of the public, with no diesel fumes and near silence. Among their varied applications, they were tasked with constructing a 10,000 sq m garden nursery with outdoor landscaping and carrying out repair, maintenance and material handling across the sprawling environmental tourism site.

Good for nature and good for business

Over the course of just three months, our electric construction machines saved three tons of CO₂ and nearly 2,000 kWh of energy, proving the potential for electromobility to transform the landscaping sector. The machines proved versatile enough to get the work done quickly and reliably, with the added cost savings and sustainability benefits. With its commitment to working with nature in diverse ways - including reducing energy use, making soil from recycled waste and buying locally - the decision to use electric construction machines in maintaining its site was a natural choice for the Eden Project.

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Landscaping at Eden
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Maintaining the balance of nature

“Most humans mean to do the right thing. By demonstrating that the future still remains a very positive place by the actions that we take, we can excite ourselves into behaving differently.”

Sir Tim Smit, Executive Vice-Chair and Co-founder at the Eden Project

Parks and recreation

Near silence, responsive hydraulics and outstanding performance ensure unbeatable productivity from our electric construction machines when working in parks. Not only are they leading the way to a greener future but they are helping municipalities adhere to increasing emission reduction requirements - a win for all.

Urban landscaping

The compact size of some of our electric construction vehicles make them the perfect solution for jobs in inner city environments - especially when contractors need to cut down on carbon emissions and noise pollution for the health and wellbeing of those living and working nearby.

Working near animals

In the interests of providing comfort to animals, our near silent, zero-emission construction machines are ideal for alleviating stress to livestock or zoo animals. These unique jobsites require machines capable of adapting to different tasks while maintaining the highest possible levels of environmental care.

Award winning gardens

When it came to constructing a sustainable show garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in the UK, landscape artists chose Volvo’s electric construction machines to ensure the cleanest possible method of building. The results ensured an award win and a showcase of sustainable construction in action.

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Sustainable construction for winter sports

Climate change is having an impact across almost every aspect of our lives. Changing the way we work towards more sustainable operation is no longer a niche requirement, it is essential. Many companies like SkiStar rely on snow for the continuation of their leisure activities, yet rising temperatures are leaving many resorts struggling as natural snow vanishes, gradually shifting the priorities of the hospitality industry. This is why our electric construction equipment - together with our friends at Volvo Trucks - are capable of ensuring a more environmentally-friendly vision of construction and maintenance in these treasured environments.

Sustainable construction with Skistar

Reaching new heights in our electric transformation

High altitudes can pose a challenge for diesel engines - as they suffer from reduced efficiency, increased emissions and serious reliability issues. This is where electric machines can step in as the ideal solution to operate in thin air conditions. At an altitude of 2,970 meters, the ECR25 Electric compact excavator delivered an outstanding performance in one of the world’s most demanding locations at the summit of the Schilthorn in Switzerland. It was used to construct a new cableway from the base of the mountain to the top and create the foundations for a new summit station at the popular ski resort.

Electric landscaping in Schilthorn
Zero emission construction
Why go electric?

Electric construction equipment: an obvious choice

Waste and recycling

Emission free construction to deliver a circular economy

When it came to fulfilling a vision for a more circular economy approach, our customer opted for our L25 Electric wheel loader. The electric machine proved capable of lowering costs as well as carbon at waste and recycling plants in Sweden.

L25 Electric at Retuna

Sustainable agriculture requires innovative solutions

Our customer at Walden Hill farm is devoted to incorporating sustainability into every aspect of her business and life. The versatile ECR25 Electric was therefore a powerful solution for completing the jobs around her Massachusetts farm with zero emissions and near silence.

ECR25 Electric at Walden Hill

We need to use electric to build electric

Electric charging infrastructure is vital if we are to make our sustainable transformation a success. So it make sense to use electric construction equipment to build these charging stations and deliver a sustainable future in a more sustainable way, from the very start.

Electric utility works