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The benefits of electric construction

Why should you choose electric construction vehicles?

There are many benefits to be gained when you opt for electric construction machines. There is an urgent need to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry and with zero emissions and no exhaust fumes, battery-powered machines are a great solution to work more sustainably while maintaining optimum productivity.

Along with electric cars and public transportation, electric construction vehicles are increasing in number as we work towards a carbon neutral society. But it is a mistake to think they are inferior to the capabilities offered by traditional diesel-powered alternatives. Not only are the specifications of an electric machine almost identical to its diesel counterpart - ensuring the same outstanding operation - but there are many added benefits to going electric. They deliver high performance with less noise, fewer vibrations and absolutely no carbon emissions. They have the ability to create cleaner, quieter cities around the world, by lowering both air and noise pollution. By ensuring a more sustainable operation, we believe that they have the power to make the world a better place. Lesser known, but just as important, are the advantages they add to the finances and productivity of your business. Let’s explore the benefits of electric construction, environmental impact and other considerations that should be factored in when choosing a Volvo electric construction vehicle.

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The benefit of zero emission regulations

Around the world, cities and municipalities are introducing tough environmental requirements to combat climate change. These are needed to help us collectively achieve our shared goals as part of the Paris Agreement.

In this context, it makes sense to look at our zero-emission electric machines. We believe that they can make a big difference in helping authorities fulfill the need for fossil-free construction sites with a lower environmental impact. Because with electric machines, CO2-free construction is more than an empty phrase. It’s a real opportunity to get the work done to the same high standards required, but in a cleaner and quieter way.

How much carbon can you save?

The benefit of lower project costs and zero fuel bills

Switching to our electric machines is a great way to lower your operating costs. You don’t have to worry about diesel bills - or the polluting fumes that come with them. You just charge the machines and get to work.

Beyond the initial cost of an electric construction vehicle, it is possible to reduce overall operating costs thanks to a lower engine run time. Maintenance and servicing costs are also reduced, due to lithium-ion batteries and electric motors being almost maintenance-free. And there is also no need to change oil filters. All of which adds up to reduced stress on both the mind and the pocket.

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The benefit of (near) silence

It may not seem as important when compared to fuel emissions, but noise pollution still has many negative impacts on the health and well being of those on site and anyone living and working nearby. Studies show that not only is there a link between noise pollution and mental health issues, but it has also been connected to atrial fibrillation, heart failure and stroke. Off-road, the near-silence of our electric construction vehicles is already having a major positive impact on inner-city environments. Construction can be carried out in residential and office environments with ease thanks to the elimination of the noise associated with diesel machines, while refuse trucks and delivery vans can collect all through the night without waking anybody up.

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Reasons to go electric
Why choose the ECR25 Electric

Run your electric machine only when you need it

A big benefit of electric construction is that there is no idling. Unless you turn it off, a diesel engine would continue to run and emit fumes, even when you are standing still, yet electric construction machines stop working when you do. This means you can maximize the time that you would have spent idling by charging it. With no idling, comes less wear and tear, reducing the need to repair or service parts, ensuring greater uptime and reduced costs. After all, the less time your machine spends in the workshop the more time you can have it operating out on site.

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Benefits of electric construction - for every job

There is no one size fits all, but thanks to our proven electromobility roadmap, we have been able to deliver the highest performing battery solutions for our customers, no matter what their needs. Whether it is a compact excavator required for road construction or indoor demolition, or a heavier-duty wheel loader for quarrying, we have created reliable electric construction vehicles and charging solutions that allow our customers to ensure zero emissions on site with all the versatility and choice required to get the job done.

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More efficiency with instant response

Battery power provides increased controllability and greater traction control making it much more enjoyable to operate. This also results in reduced operating training time and has a positive impact on cost savings. The instant response experienced in operating an electric construction vehicle also ensures greater efficiency and productivity.

The performance of these more sustainable alternatives are just as strong - if not better - than a diesel powered machine.

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The benefit of new business opportunities

The rise in electric construction solutions has also resulted in some new and innovative business opportunities. With zero exhaust emissions and near silence, you can now work in places where diesel cannot, such as indoors, during the night or in low or zero emission zones. It allows for operators to work in shift, ensuring no disturbance to those nearby or to the job site’s productivity.

There are other benefits of electric construction equipment too. They also enable work near people, animals or sensitive plantlife without any risk to health or environment. We are finding this opens up myriad opportunities for landscaping, agriculture and recreation sectors.

The benefit of safety with electric construction

The low noise provided by electric machines ensures good communication between colleagues working in and around the machines. A more comfortable operation is assured thanks to the fact electric machines create fewer vibrations than diesel, meaning workers are also less fatigued and thereby the risk of accidents is also reduced.

It also goes without saying that cleaner air also greatly reduces the harm to people’s health and wellbeing. This is an important advantage provided by zero exhaust emission solutions when considered against the polluting nature of diesel.

A word from our customers


Environmentally sensitive landscaping

“Having no emissions and a lack of noise has meant being able to work while having the public in. Working in a closed environment like the rainforest, it’s so important to protect the ecosystem and to make sure we haven’t got any emissions. And with a little bit of pre-planning, we could efficiently use these machines throughout the day.” David Gorman, Living Landscapes Educator at Eden Project in the UK.

Electric landscaping
Charging construction equipment

Versatile solutions for charging

“We charge using a normal power supply from the socket, but we also have the option of a fast charger. If we have an emergency we can use the fast charger to reload and operate again. The energy is available up here, and we can tap into it at any time. The other advantage is the absence of exhaust emissions, that’s great.” Melchior Burlon, site manager at Ghelma AG Baubetriebe, speaks about using the ECR25 Electric at high altitudes on the Schilthorn in Switzerland.

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Challenge your misconceptions

“If I had the choice of an electric or diesel machine in this size class I would choose electric as there are so many advantages over a diesel machine. When the machine was delivered to site there were many sceptics who thought the machine didn’t have the capacity to last the whole day, but they have all been proved wrong!” Richard Sjöblom, Excavator Operator for Skanska, says of using the EC230 Electric on a fossil free construction site in Sweden.

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