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Charging and runtime calculator

The actual charging of your electric construction equipment is easy - just plug in and power up. But knowing when to charge and how long for, in order to make the most of your operating time, depends on the type of work you are doing. This is why we have simplified the process with our easy-to-use runtime calculator below. This tool will give you a quick indication on how your day could look like when using your normal breaks for charging.

How long is the runtime for an excavator?

First pick the electric construction machine you are interested in and then enter details on your workload, approximate operating time and the type of charger you are considering. We then calculate your runtime for the excavator or wheel loader you have chosen and show how much charging will be required to manage the work you need to do.

Which charger do I need for a wheel loader?

You can also see the difference between the time it will take to charge the machine using our overnight charger compared to fast chargers. If you are new to electric construction equipment, we invite you to play around with the calculator to first see how our electric and charging solutions can adapt to your needs, before taking a look at our broad range of electric construction vehicles.

How will charging work for my project?

Do you want to know more about how the charging will work for your specific needs and projects? Please contact you local dealer for further information.

Want to know more about charging electric construction vehicles?

How long is the runtime on an electric wheel loader? Do I need a fast charger for my electric excavator? What if I don’t have access to grid on my construction site?

You do not need to make the transition alone. The right information can make your journey towards maintaining high-performing zero emission construction much easier. We take the guesswork out of moving to electric with the answers to all your questions relating to charging and battery power.

Charging solutions

Why choose electric construction machines?

Zero-emission construction machines are the perfect tool if you want to work more sustainably. But electric construction equipment offer far more benefits than the obvious advantage of reduced carbon emissions. They can open up new business opportunities for operation in sensitive environments, such as low carbon zones. They provide more peaceful working conditions for those on site thanks to their near silent operation. And they have the potential to reduce your total cost of ownership thanks to lower maintenance requirements as compared to their diesel counterparts.

Benefits with electric

Electric construction starts here

We are proud to provide one of the industry’s widest ranges of electric construction machines - from our line of compact equipment through to larger mid-size excavators and wheel loaders - all of which help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining optimum power and performance. Our proven electric portfolio is helping the industry move closer towards fossil free construction sites for the benefit of society everywhere. So whether you are working in utilities and demolition, or landscaping and agriculture, we have the zero emission solution ready for you to work more sustainably.

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