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Electric Large Wheel LoadersL90 Electric

  • 14,500 - 17,300 kg
  • 2.1 - 7.3
  • 180 kWh

The 15-tonne L90 Electric is the first electric wheel loader of its class. With a lifting capacity of 4.5 tonnes, it is a cleaner and quieter solution... Read more

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Versatile and quiet 15-tonne electric wheel loader

The 15-tonne L90 Electric is the first electric wheel loader of its class. With a lifting capacity of 4.5 tonnes, it is a cleaner and quieter solution with the power to match the demands of a wide range of applications. The zero exhaust emissions solution is perfectly suited for indoor operation and city centers, as well as segments such as industrial material handling, forestry, agriculture and landscaping, quarries and mining, and waste and recycling. Thanks to energy savings, a cut in transport costs and reduced maintenance requirements, the L90 Electric boasts a lower operating cost. Customers can also expect more productivity with a faster response and cycle time.

Static tipping load at full turn 9,500 kg
Bucket capacity 2.1 - 7.3
Operating weight 14,500 - 17,300 kg
Electric motor 1 for propulsion, 1 for hydraulic
Battery Type Lithium-ion batteries
Battery voltage 600 V
Battery capacity 180 kWh
Fast charging At 150 kW DC ~70 minutes
Indicative runtime (depending on application) 4-5 hours
A cleaner, smarter choice

A cleaner, smarter choice

Thanks to zero exhaust emissions, the L90 Electric wheel loader brings you closer to achieving your fossil-free ambitions, while also widening business opportunities and lowering your operating cost.
A powerful performance

A powerful performance

With the L90 Electric, you can enjoy the same, or better, power and performance as a conventional L90H model, plus faster response and shorter cycle times. This is thanks to a number of efficiency-boosting features.
Runtime and charging

Runtime and charging

Deliver 4-5 hours of operation in medium duty applications – or a full working day in lighter applications – supported by a number of AC and DC charging options.
Energy recovery function

Energy recovery function

An added benefit of the zero exhaust emission L90 Electric wheel loader is that its electrical drive motor recuperates energy by acting as a generator when decelerating.
Lower costs and maintenance

Lower costs and maintenance

The fully electric driveline reduces maintenance time and costs by 30%, increasing profits. This is thanks to a range of beneficial features.
Premium operator comfort

Premium operator comfort

A more comfortable work environment is guaranteed thanks to less noise and vibrations provided by the wheel loader’s electric operation. A quieter jobsite facilitates communication and reduces fatigue.

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Attachment Brackets (2)
Buckets (12)
Forks (7)
Grapples (3)
Material Arm (1)
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