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Electric Large Wheel LoadersL120 Electric

  • 19,000 - 21,500 kg
  • 3 - 9.5
  • 282 kWh

Matching the powerful performance of its diesel equivalent, the L120 Electric is a 20-tonne wheel loader with the added benefit of zero exhaust... Read more

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Low noise, high power 20-tonne electric wheel loader

Matching the powerful performance of its diesel equivalent, the L120 Electric is a 20-tonne wheel loader with the added benefit of zero exhaust emissions and a near silent operation. Thanks to a lifting capacity of 6 tonnes, it can meet the demands of a range of tasks across segments such as urban infrastructure maintenance, waste and recycling, agriculture, forestry, and ports and logistics centers. What is more, it offers a lower operating cost with an energy cost reduction compared to a diesel driveline. With no engine-related parts, it also ensures 30% reduced maintenance requirements and increased uptime to improve your productivity.

Static tipping load at full turn 12,500 kg
Bucket capacity 3 - 9.5
Operating weight 19,000 - 21,500 kg
Electric motor 2 for propulsion, 1 for hydraulic
Rated power 228 kW
Battery Type Lithium-ion batteries
Battery voltage 600 V
Battery capacity 282 kWh
Fast charging Up to 165 kW in 2 hours
Indicative runtime (depending on application) 5-9 hours
Wider business opportunities

Wider business opportunities

The L120 Electric is not only great for the environment, but it’s a brilliant boost to your business. The zero exhaust emission wheel loader opens up business opportunities while lowering operating cost.
Efficiency features

Efficiency features

In the L120 Electric you can experience the same – if not better – performance as you do operating its conventional counterpart, with the added benefit of faster response and shorter cycle times.
Reliable runtime

Reliable runtime

Thanks to a range of powerful charging solutions, complete a full day’s work on a single charge, or take advantage of a quick top-up during work breaks. The electric wheel loader can achieve 5-9 hours of operation across most light and medium duty tasks.
Energy recovery function

Energy recovery function

The machine’s electrical drive motors act as generators when the operator is decelerating, helping to recover energy that can then be re-used.
Increased comfort

Increased comfort

Near silence creates a much more pleasant environment for the operator. And with no engine sounds to compete with, those working on site will find it easier to communicate and will suffer from less fatigue.
Cost efficient operation

Cost efficient operation

The fully electric driveline helps to maximize machine uptime and profits, by reducing maintenance time and costs by 30%.

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