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Volvo attachment loading shovel pick up sweeper

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Other Volvo Wheel Loader attachments contributing in making your all-rounder even more versatile.

volvo attachment loading shovel angled sweeper

Angeled Sweeper

Holms Front mounted and hydraulically powered sweeper roller which completely eliminates the need for support wheels. The 915 mm/36" diameter of the sweeper roller is especially adapted to large loaders.

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Pick up Sweeper

Holms 300 large pick-up sweeper for wheel-loaders. A full-sized attachment for professional sweeping.

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Volvo attachment loading shovel ot

Diagonal snow blade

Holms diagonal plows are well-tested for efficient snow clearing, particulary when clearing roads.

Available for:

Volvo attachment loading shovel folding snow plough

Folding snow plow

Holms V-plows are robust, effective tools for clearing snow, particularly in urban environments.

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Sand Spreading Bucket

Holms sand spreading bucket is an excellent tool for spreading sand, gravel, salt, fertilizer... The amount can be regulated by adjusting the speed of the roller.

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