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Volvo EC750E HR: the industry's most productive demolition excavator

Able to stretch up to 36m (118ft) above ground and 9.5m (31ft 2in) below ground, the new EC750E HR stakes its claim as the industry’s most versatile multi-use demolition excavator.


An exceptional high-reach demolition excavator – with a maximum pin height of 36m (118ft) – the new EC750E HR from Volvo Construction Equipment can also be easily reconfigured using extensions and differing length booms to become a multi-use deconstruction tool – capable of undertaking a wide range of site tasks – including underground and under water.

Based on Volvo’s EC750E general purpose excavator, the EC750E HR has been substantially re-engineered by Volvo for high-reach deconstruction purposes.

The heaviest excavator in the Volvo range, the EC750E HR is also among the industry’s largest high-reach demolition excavators available to work in the Stage IV/Tier 4 Final-regulated markets of Europe and North America. 

The right machine for every application

The core of the EC750E HR’s flexibility comes thanks to it being offered with two high-reach demolition boom sets, and one digging boom set with extension. The longest of the high-reach configurations allows for a 36m (118ft) maximum pin height – while carrying a substantial tool (at that height) of 3.6 tonnes (8,000 lbs). A second high-reach configuration has a 26m (85ft) maximum pin height – using a larger 5 tonnes (11,000 lbs) maximum tool. Finally, the digging boom set with 4.4m (14.4ft) extension allows for an 18m (59ft) pin height*. These components can then be further configured – straight-straight (for high reach), straight-bent (for better center-of-gravity and extended forward safe working area), and bent-bent – for underground work. 

Hydraulic modular joints EC750EHR-demolition-undercarriage

Centralto the EC750E HR’s configuration flexibility is Volvo’s patented hydraulic modular joint concept. The hydraulic modular joint uses a two-pin hydraulic lock mechanism to change from high-reach to digging configuration. 

As well as the modular joint on the base boom, there is now also a second hydraulic modular joint on the extension boom. The interface on the extension boom is the same as on the digging boom, allowing the boom configuration angle of both the extension and the digging boom to be set quickly and safely between ‘bent’ and ‘straight’ configurations. 

Undercarriage built for demolition EC750EHR-demolition-undercarriage

With stability the root of both safety and performance in high-reach deconstruction applications, the EC750E HR has an all-new undercarriage. Specifically developed for the demolition segment, the undercarriage is heavier and wider than even that of the bigger Volvo EC950E excavator. Compared to the EC750E it is based on, the undercarriage of the EC750E HR is 0.5m (1.6ft) longer and 1m (3.2ft) wider – and has an impressive track gauge of 4.3m (17.4ft).

With an additional 4 tonnes (8,800 lbs) of counterweight helping push the EC750E HR’s machine weight to 100 tonnes (221,000 lbs) the additional stability offered by its greater weight and width gives the EC750E HR a solid foundation for its best-in-class performance.

Designed with transportability in mind

The retractable undercarriage on the EC750E HR features easy-to-remove track frames and the ability to self-disassemble/reassemble – meaning that moving the EC750E HR between worksites is relatively stress free. In most markets, removing the high reach boom set, lowering the counterweight and retracting the undercarriage, all hydraulically actuated, is sufficient to transport the machine. It’s not only the track frames that are easy to remove, the complete counterweight, including the additional counterweights, can be removed in one movement, thanks to a strengthened hydraulic removal system.

Visibly in control

The Volvo Care Cab is the perfect environment for high reach demolition. Large area laminated glazing allows good sight lines of the work area, as well as flooding the cab with daylight. Comfortable and spacious, with controls that fall easily to hand, the cabin also hydraulically tilts up to 30 degrees, reducing operator neck strain and fatigue when working on high-reach jobs. Furthermore, a dust suppression system and camera on the demolition arm are standard, delivering clear images through the high quality in-cab display. 

Total Moment indicator

The EC750E HR comes with a real-time Total Moment Indicator as standard. An effective load control system, angle sensors on the boom and pressure sensors on the main cylinder continuously calculate the load moment status. This information is graphically produced on the easy-to-read in-cab display, with visual and audible warnings given to the operator as the stability envelope is approached or exceeded. 

Added protection

Both the operator and the machine itself are well protected on the EC750E HR. The high visibility Volvo Care Cab has a frame-mounted Falling Object Guard (FOG) and side impact protection (SIPS). The machine itself has a heavy-duty belly cover and under cover, as well as swing ring protection guard. The boom and crusher cylinders also feature added protection. 

Integrated demolition solution

The EC750E HR profits from Volvo’s long experience of serving high-reach demolition customers around the world. Custom-built by Volvo’s highly experienced engineers and incorporating the company’s quality assurance practices, the EC750E HR is a complete Volvo solution – design, manufacture, and aftermarket support, with all components supported by a Volvo warranty. The entire machine is designed to Volvo’s exacting specifications and factory fitted into an efficient and integrated demolition solution.

As with all Volvo products, these high-reach excavators are backed up with a supportive and knowledgeable dealer network. Supplying genuine parts, Volvo’s highly trained technicians provide a range of solutions to keep customers’ machines working productively. 

Volvo High Reach demolition machine range


 Machine weight

(without tool)

 Max pin height  Max tool weight
 EC380E HR

 51 tonnes

(112,000 lbs)



3 tonnes

(6,620 lbs)

 EC480E HR

 63.5 tonnes

(140,200 lbs)



 3.5 tonnes

(7,700 lbs)

 EC750E HR

 100 tonnes

(221,000 lbs)



3.6 tonnes/5 tonnes

(8,000 lbs/11,000 lbs)

*Disclaimer: All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
**Machine weight may vary by market based on the option configuration 

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