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Volvo launches new 16-tonne single drum soil compactor

The SD160B from Volvo Construction Equipment is a 16-tonne class soil compactor that delivers high-performance with every pass, thanks to advanced technology that adapts to the application and jobsite.

Volvo soil compactor SD160B T4f

Introducing the new SD160B – a 16-tonne soil compactor from Volvo Construction Equipment that is designed for high productivity in a wide range of applications and material depths. The latest addition to the B-Series soil compactor range is fitted with a 2.1-meter wide drum and adapts to varying applications and jobsite requirements, helping the operator to achieve a high level of performance and efficiency, whatever the demands of the job.

Primed for performance

Volvo’s advanced drum control system allows the operator – via an easy-to-use console – to adjust the frequency and amplitude according to variations in soil and ground conditions. The operator can toggle between high (1.86 mm) and low (1.15 mm) amplitude for greater precision and superior compaction. To better adapt to the application and match the material on site, the Volvo SD160B soil compactor features five variable frequencies as standard, offering greater flexibility for the operator to fine-tune performance. Meanwhile, the optimized centrifugal force and auto-vibration feature improve performance, ease of operation and productivity.

When operating in challenging applications, the Volvo traction system delivers excellent climbing capabilities – essential on steep inclines or slippery surfaces. The system also prevents wheel or drum spin, thereby improving gradeability, performance and productivity. For better stability and maneuverability, the center joint provides +/-35° of articulation and +/-12° of oscillation, ensuring safer and more effective operations on uneven ground.
For greater on-the-job flexibility, the compactor can be quickly and easily converted from a smooth drum to a padfoot drum by clamping on a padfoot shell, allowing the machine to work in different applications.

Engineered for efficiency

Fitted with a premium 110 kw (147.5 hp) Volvo engine, the single-drum compactor delivers a powerful and efficient performance. The Stage IV/Tier 4 Final-compliant engine produces high torque at low engine speeds to minimize emissions and fuel consumption, without compromising on power. The passive regeneration automatically cleans the Diesel Particulate Filter during normal operation, without input from the operator or negatively impacting performance. The Volvo SD160B is also equipped with an efficient cooling fan that draws power only when needed. Lower fan speeds reduce noise, resulting in greater operator comfort and a lower total cost of ownership.
The soon-to-come Compact Assist for Volvo soil compactors will further boost efficiency by providing real-time insight into the work. Cited as the industry’s first realtime density mapping technology, the optional Compact Assist helps operators produce more consistent, high quality compaction and eliminate any wasteful and damaging over-compaction. Powered by Volvo Co-Pilot, the high-resolution in-cab display, Compact Assist provides the operator with detailed data relating to the work, ensuring a precise, cost-effective performance.

Operate with ease

Not only is the SD160B built to work hard, the soil compactor is also designed to deliver a productive and comfortable work environment. The industry-leading Volvo cab provides good visibility, comfort and features logically-grouped ergonomic controls, helping the operator achieve an efficient and productive operation.
With floor-to-ceiling glass, the ROPS/FOPS certified cab offers a commanding view of the jobsite, providing unhampered sightlines down to the forward drum. Visibility can be further improved, by sliding or rotating the fully adjustable operator seat to suit individual requirements. The efficient climate control ensures operator comfort, while the padded floor reduces vibrations and noise for a smooth and quiet ride. Meanwhile, the high-tech color operator display, showing operational information and key diagnostics is easily visible at all times, even under direct sunlight.

Reliability with every roll

Volvo soil compactor SD160B T4f
As one of the most robust and durable soil compactors on the market, the new Volvo SD160B is rigorously tested and proven to optimize machine uptime and ensure a long service life. The compactor
features only high quality components, clever cable and pipe routing and a clean design. Likewise, the heavy-duty drum, center joint and front frame components are engineered and manufactured for longevity and performance. To guarantee a strong structure, the frames
are welded and built from high quality steel, with precise and consistent welds. For added protection, all components and electronics have been relocated and mounted on the rear-wall of the cab. The SD160B soil compactor offers simple service and maintenance requirements that
promote high uptime. The tilting cab provides easy service access to all hydraulic components and is standard on all B-Series models. The engine hood lifts electrically for easy and convenient ground-level access to the engine compartment. All these features combine to help operators conduct maintenance and inspections more efficiently with less downtime, increasing overall productivity and long-lasting performance.
Volvo also offers a range of aftermarket solutions to maximize uptime and better control costs. Genuine Volvo Parts, MATRIS™ diagnostic software and Customer Support Agreements are just some of the many solutions that are designed to help ensure Volvo soil compactors maximize return on investment for their owners.

Key specifications:

   Smooth  Padfoot
Engine power kW 110
Operating weight (inc. Cab & inside
kg 16,691 17,392
Drum width mm/in 2,134/84
Centrifugal force (Low-High) kN 249-291
Nominal Amplitude (Low-High) mm 1.37-1.86 1.15-1.55
Gradeability % 58  42
Articulation angle degree  +/- 35
Oscillation angle degree  +/- 12