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Volvo Active Care

Telematics data can be a powerful way to improve the uptime of your fleet, but data overload can stand in the way of getting to the information that really matters. That’s where Volvo ACTIVE CARE comes in. Combining 24/7 machine monitoring and fleet utilization reports, this comprehensive service is designed to keep your machines in top operating condition, reduce unplanned downtime and minimize repair costs.

The Volvo Uptime Center

We understand the importance of uptime when it comes to the success of your operation, which is why Volvo Construction Equipment has invested in creating Volvo Uptime Centers throughout the world. Our Volvo machine experts work in these Centers, utilizing the most advanced diagnostic tools and systems, to help keep uptime to a maximum.

How it works

  • Machine data is captured via CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system, and sent to the Volvo Uptime Center.
  • Volvo experts monitor machines in real-time and send alerts to the Volvo dealer. If action is needed, your dealer will contact you to advise on the next steps.
  • The information is also compiled into a pdf report and sent to your inbox every week.

24/7 machine monitoring

Looking out for you

We designed it. We built it. Now let us take care of it. 
With Volvo ACTIVE CARE, Volvo monitors the health of your machines remotely, and immediately alerts you if a machine intervention is required. This proactive approach helps to prevent breakdowns, while leaving you more time to focus on your core operations.

Reduce unplanned downtime

Identify small issues before they turn into big ones. Volvo provides insights into your machine’s health, so problems can be identified and fixed at the earliest opportunity.

Minimize unexpected costs

Your dealer can advise you on whether your machine requires immediate action, or if the repair can be scheduled into your next service, therefore streamlining maintenance requirements and reducing unnecessary travel.

Optimize machine repair time

Spend more time working and less time waiting. Thanks to remote diagnosis, a technician will arrive suitably prepared for the job.

Tailored recommendations

Eliminate recurring machine faults. Your local dealer can examine how your machine is being operated and why certain actions may be causing problems. Whatever the cause, Volvo can advise on the best solution, tailored to your specific application.

Put reports into action

Ready-made analysis

Designed to identify areas where uptime could be improved, a weekly report will provide insights into how your machines are being used. Take action and work closely with your Volvo dealer to ensure your machine stays in optimum condition.

Easy-to-use data

The report presents vital information in an easy-to-understand format, eliminating the need to sift through complicated data. The report is customized to your organization and provides information as a fleet overview, right down to individual machines on site.

Control costs

The report makes it easy to detect irregular machine operations and helps you to ensure your machine is being used appropriately. With insight at your fingertips, such as instances of unwanted strain on the machine, you have the key to improve operating practices, minimize repair costs and efficiently manage service routines.

Operating behavior alerts

Stay up-to-date on how your machine is being used and identify areas to reduce strain on the machine. For each operating alert, the report includes an explanation of the long-term effects, as well as tips on how to avoid it.

Technical alarms

Stay up-to-date on machine condition, thanks to a list of technical alarms, such as low coolant level and high engine temperature. These alarms are generated by the machine to highlight areas which require attention.

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