Construction Equipment North America

Customer success stories

They operate in all corners of the globe, in various industries and conditions.
But they all have two things in common – they are Volvo Construction Equipment customers and they are successful.
Here are their stories.

Volvo breathes life back into the Chesapeake Bay

Maryland Environmental Service is using a Volvo EC300E amphibious excavator to restore Poplar Island, a once diminishing remote island habitat in the Chesapeake Bay, North America.

Northwest Demolition

Highly customized fleet supports demo contractor through international growth

US contractor makes right utility connections

Helping make all the right utility connections for New England is the job of Volvo CE-equipped gas and water work specialist, Barber Utilities.

Mining At The Cutting Edge

UNITED STATES: Site Simulation program plays a pivotal role in a family-owned garnet mining business

Volvo helps get milk from moo to you in Texas

Helping to maintain sustainable operations for the largest dairy in northeast Texas is the job of Volvo CE-equipped farm, Still Meadow Dairy.

Limestone Makes for Cleaner Coal

C&E Concrete saw a window of opportunity in the 1980's to join the greener power generation. With the help from Volvo wheel loaders and articulated haulers they are able to contribute to the...

They've Got Sand

“They’re so much more efficient. You run 60 gallons a day versus 100 gallons a day. You don’t need a third-grade education to figure that out.” -Bill Ramsey

Ajax Paving Industries Takes on Coffee Cup Challenge

Dealer support, dependable equipment help tackle extensive paving job 

Treasure Mountain

UNITED STATES: Dormant marble quarries are revived to feed international demand

No time to waste in the Lone Star State

Champion Waste and Recycling's Town & Country Material Recovery Facility brings the convenience of single-stream recycling to construction and demolition contractors in the Dallas-Fort...

The Snowstorms of Wells Ranch

Watch a video about how a business near Greeley, CO stayed afloat after a snowstorm that lasted over 6 weeks. The storms nearly decimated their business. See how Volvo Construction Equipment...

Reliable focuses on Reliability for Long-Term Growth

The Reliable Contracting Co. headquarters in Gambrills, Maryland — aptly named The Founders’ Building — is framed with reminders of the people and decisions that have shaped the site-work...

Delivering Quality in Every Load

There is a time that comes in the history of every successful company, when fortune takes a noticeable turn for the best. For Bradley Concrete and Lambcon Ready-Mix, that time came in 1999...

Environmental Care a Volvo Core Value

Jasper National Park. Jasper, Alberta, Canada. The winter sun shone brightly. There were mountains of snow everywhere. The winds were biting. The temperature, many degrees below freezing....

Volvo 'routes' for the US

More than 2.5 million cubic meters of material is being moved with a fleet of Volvo articulated haulers in Illinois.

Wading for the rescue

Articulated haulers go through some pretty extreme terrain to haul stone, earth, debris and more. They power through the deepest mud, the steepest grades and drive through rutted-up paths...

Dam Building at a Coal Mine

As coal mines go, Alliance Resource Partners’ River View mine is a relatively new facility where four Volvo trucks keep pace with a high-production mine.

Ready, set, ride!

Volvo Construction Equipment contributes to the Houston Livestock Show and Rode.

Easy Rider

As the sun rises over Lycoming County Landfill, you can see there's a new truck in the driveway. And at just one year old, it may not be a shiny new truck, but that's because it's already...

45 degrees of separation

Only one articulated hauler could make the climb. Up a 45 degree wall of mud and rock. Loaded with 37 tons of blasted rock. Helping to clear the way for the world's largest diameter...