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Kathy Tedone - State & National Buying Contract Management

Tony Sims - Federal Sales Manager

Michael Glocke - Government Contracts Manager

Kevin Scotese - Governmental Service Manager

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National Co-Operative Contracts

What are National Co-operative Purchasing contracts?

Contracting agencies such as Sourcewell provide procurement services to towns, counties, cities, states, and not-for-profit agencies. These agencies have the legislative authority to solicit, evaluate and award contracts through a competitive solicitation process, saving customers time and money.

Benefits of these types of contracts to our government customers:

  • The competitive solicitation and contract process is completed and satisfied on behalf of members/agencies
  • Most competitive pricing available to participating members
  • Saves member agencies time and money
  • These contract solutions offer choice with the ability for agencies to continue to perform its own competitive bidding process if agency chooses to do so.

Volvo Landfill Compactor Purpose Built for Municipal Waste Markets

The Volvo LC450H landfill compactor gives regional landfills exactly the machine they need: staggered cleats, superior guarding, and good weight to compaction ratios. See how it is the perfect compactor for a New Mexico regional solid waste authority and how the purchase through Sourcewell made the process seamless.

United States

Sourcewell State Contract Adoptions


VCE Sourcewell DE Contract Number: GSS2075-EQUIP

Click here for VCE’s Contract Page on State of DE website.


VCE Sourcewell IA Contract Number: 22117

Click here for VCE's Contract Page on Iowa Department of Administrative Services.

New York

VCE Sourcewell NY Office of General Services Contract Number: PC69437

Click here for State of NY Office of General Services.

Click here for VCE’s Contract Page on NY State Office of General Services.


VCE Sourcewell WA Contract Number: 01020

Click here for VCE’s Contract Page on WA State Dept. of Enterprise Services.



The Canoe Procurement Group of Canada is a group of like-minded municipal associations across the country who work together to provide member organizations preferential pricing on trade-compliant purchasing programs, leveraging the collective buying power of all involved.

Canoe Procurement Group of Canada offers Volvo Construction Equipment’s Heavy Construction Equipment contract to the following member organizations:

Please visit Canoe’s website to find:

Who to Contact

For More Information, please contact your local dealer.

Kathy Tedone - State & National Buying Contract Management

Counties Find Efficiency with Sourcewell

Covington County, Alabama purchased an EW180E Volvo wheeled excavator using Sourcewell. They found the process faster and most cost-effective than going through a bidding process.

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Federal Contracts

Multiple Award Schedule

Federal agencies award contracts to multiple companies supplying comparable services or products at varying prices. Many federal agencies utilize MAS contracts with companies for COTS (commercial of the shelf) items when it determines that offered prices are "fair and reasonable”. Federal contracting officers make this determination by comparing the price or discounts that a company offers a federal agency with the price or discounts that the company offers to its own commercial customers. To make this comparison, Federal MAS solicitations require companies to disclose information about their commercial pricing policies and practices. Contract prices are tied to the same prices a company would offer their best customers. Federal contracting officers select a vendor by making a best value determination, and then placing an order for the required equipment listed on the MAS contract.

Defense Logistics Agency

Volvo Construction Equipment North America, LLC holds a direct Federal Contact with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which is managed centrally at DLA Troop Support Philadelphia formerly known as Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP). This contract includes all commercial construction equipment models offered by Volvo. In addition to U.S. Military customers, DLA offers special discounted prices on all VCE products to civilian, federal agencies, including the Department of Interior, Agriculture, Energy, Homeland Security and all other U.S. Federal government customers.

Learn More about DLA


Tony Sims - Federal Sales Manager