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Care Inspection

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Care Inspection

Care Inspection is a thorough, hands-on, methodical process that is carried out by a skilled service technician. It is designed to detect any issues throughout the body of the machine and catalogue them.

Powerful information

You will be given a report that highlights the condition of the machine and any necessary maintenance and repair requirements, together with the recommendations of the service technician. With this data you are in an informed position to decide what actions to take. 

Fit for the future

By preventing breakdowns, repair or maintenance can be conveniently scheduled, with minimal impact on uptime and budget. And, as the Care Inspection uses Volvo's latest smart diagnostics tools, the machine's maintenance history can be accurately charted over time. This is particularly useful when it is time to trade in the machine, as the Care Inspection report history provides a valuable record of work undertaken, helping to obtain the best price.

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