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A Loan Or A Lease – Which Is the right option for you?

We offer both. With a loan, you can own a machine through regular repayments without investing all of your capital at once. By leasing, the machine can earn money as you pay for its use through a tax-efficient plan. Explore the options below and contact your local Volvo dealer for more information.

Versatile Loans

We understand the cyclical nature of the construction industry as well as anyone. We’ll work with you to design a plan that matches your cash flow. You get flexible options, competitive rates, and outstanding service.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Full ownership once all payments have been made
  • Tailored payment schedules
  • The machine is shown as an asset on your balance sheet
Flexible Leases

Lease arrangements from Volvo Financial Services can offer your business lower monthly payments and greater budget flexibility. And at the end of the lease term, it’s up to you whether you want to turn in the equipment, purchase the equipment you leased, or go back to work with new equipment.

Main Features and Benefits

  • No disposal or depreciation risks
  • Lower monthly expenses
  • The machine is not activated on your balance sheet, improved balance ratios

Volvo all-inclusive electric equipment lease simplifies your business by taking finance and service bundling to the next level. This one-of-a-kind lease includes:

  • Special savings on a bundled package
  • Maintenance package
  • Option to include the DC wall-mounted fast charger within your lease, and more!
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Please note: Finance solutions are provided by Volvo Financial Services. Volvo Financial Services does not provide tax or accounting advice. Customers should consult their tax attorney or accountant about individual circumstances.

Contact your local dealer to learn more.

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