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Connected load out

Maximize your load out process with Connected Load Out

Connected load out

Improve and optimize your load out process by digitalizing the entire flow - from load order to load ticket. This solution connects the loading machine, the truck and the site office through real-time digital communication, which will help boost your productivity and reduce costs for administration, misloads and fuel consumption.

All facts at hand

Utilize the data from the load out process to optimize material flow, machine utilization and thereby increase production. All data is available, at your fingertips via a dashboard in the Office Portal, which can be customized to suit your needs. This solution will minimize the time spent on administration dealing with orders and tickets on paper and optimize the flow in terms of prioritizing the incoming trucks and use of the loading machine.

Main benefits

  • Plan ahead and utilize your fleet more efficiently to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 
  • Reduce stress, risk of errors, and reduce travel time. 
  • Digitalize the flow of work orders and load tickets to minimize time spent on administration. 
  • Visualize the process with clear, easy-to-create dashboards and reports. 

Improve your operations

By increasing the efficiency of the load out process, you increase the profitability – even small changes in a highly repetitive process will lead to big savings over time.

Monitor production in real time

Through the Connected Load Out Office Portal you benefit from real-time production information, which supports better planning and data-driven decision making. Thanks to the information available, the site management has total transparency on the performance of the operation. All stakeholders have access to the data, which contributes to strengthening collaboration throughout the work process.

Goodbye to paper

Thanks to a fully digitalized process, it is possible to cut down on paperwork. The result is greater precision, a reduction in administrative time and a lower use of resources.

Improve the work environment

The fully digitalized interaction between site management, machine operators and truck drivers allows orders and load tickets to be sent automatically and securely from the cab without the need for handing over papers or using radio communication. This leads to an improved work environment, less communication errors and increased workplace safety.

How it works

Connected Load Out is a cloud-based productivity service designed to improve the efficiency of the load out process in a quarry. The service is available for Volvo wheel loaders with Load Assist and On-Board Weighing or Volvo excavators with Dig Assist and On-Board Weighing.

At the site office

With an easy-to-use web application the site office has full control of the load out process in real-time from the Office Portal. The site office has the possibility to place digital work orders directly from the dashboard. All historic load data is also available and can be filtered and displayed in any way to support with making improvements and increasing bottom-line profitability.

In the loader

The loader operator gets a full view of the orders directly from the Volvo Co-Pilot tablet and with one simple click the truck driver is called forward for loading. Once loading has been completed the truck can be dispatched from the Volvo Co-Pilot and a digital load ticket is instantly uploaded to the Office Portal and the truck driver’s phone app.

In the truck

Truck drivers can place digital orders directly to the site via Connected Load Out app. The order, plus an ETA is instantly visible from the Volvo Co-Pilot and the Office Portal. Upon arrival, the truck is automatically checked in and will receive a notification from the loader when it’s time for loading. After completion the load ticket is automatically uploaded in the app.


For office staff and site management
  • Get a clear overview in real-time of the entire load out process in the Office Portal. 
  • Ability to easily extract, view, and filter historic data to analyze the load out process, make improvements and increase profitability. 
  • Maximize the throughput of trucks, reduction of errors, queues, and administrative work. 
  • Maximize the use of the fleet by planning and acting proactively. 
  • Quickly send work orders directly to machines on site. 
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface operated from a browser interface on any laptop or tablet anywhere in the world.
For the machine operator
  • Less administration and more focus on loading. 
  • Digitalization of work orders and load tickets. 
  • Better ability to plan the work and less stress. 
  • Optimized travel time. 
  • Reduction of communication errors and misloads.
For the truck driver
  • An easy and intuitive way to place orders. 
  • Full overview of the process in the app from order to ticket. 
  • Automatic check-in on site. 
  • Reduced risk of misloads and communication errors - get the correct load every time. 
  • Digitalized work orders and load tickets.
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