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Having expert support close by and available when you need it most is vital when it comes to keeping the downtime of your operation to a minimum. That’s where Real-time Tech Support comes in, which provides a live video feed to enable your dealer field technicians to access expert help in real time, all while on-site. The result is faster fault tracing and less travel, all with the single mission to maximize your machine uptime.

How does it work?

The intelligent technology connects your Volvo field technician with back-office technical experts at their dealership, live from site via their mobile phone. The technician can then interactively share the issue, information and diagnostics in order to identify the cause and find a solution to the problem.

The result is faster fault tracing, reduced travel and most importantly maximum machine uptime.

A problem shared is a problem solved

Real-time Tech Support can also access the support of central Volvo Uptime experts who can connect to the same conversation.

This allows the quick and easy sharing of expertise and wisdom across the Volvo organization, all with the common mission to get customers’ machines back to work and operating at their best as soon as possible.

Count on real-time tech support to provide interactive, virtual troubleshooting and diagnostics to resolve issues more quickly and maximize uptime.

volvo services real-time tech-support
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