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Volvo continues to provide the industry-leading cab for maximum comfort, visibility and productivity.

Volvo H-series wheel loaders: clearly comfortable

Operate confidently and comfortably in the industry-leading Volvo cab packed with technologically advanced features to maximize operator comfort and productivity. With all-round visibility, ample space, climate control, unbeatable air-filtration system and adjustable seat, the Volvo cab is renowned for helping operators see clearer in comfort. For greater machine control, the cab features Volvo's HMI (Human Machine Interface), which informs the operator about all necessary machine information for an easier operation.

volvo loader l90h t4f

See clearer in comfort

The Volvo L60H, L70H and L90H loading shovels are versatile machines that can take on any task with a wide range of perfectly matched attachments. From the comfort of your loading shovel, sit back and enjoy a clear view of the site while increasing your productivity and uptime.

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