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Volvo CE unveils expanded fleet of mid-size electric machines

In a further move towards a more sustainable construction industry, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has announced three new electric machines, adding to its already wide offering of zero exhaust emission solutions.

Volvo L90

The L120 Electric wheel loader, L90 Electric wheel loader and EWR150 Electric wheeled excavator are the latest powerful innovations to be introduced to the market and support customers’ fossil-free ambitions.

Unveiled for the first time at Volvo Days 2024, they are a cleaner, smarter choice for customers looking to decarbonize their operations, lower operating cost, open new business opportunities and enjoy a more comfortable working environment.

Mid-size marvels

With these electric solutions, ranging in size from 15-20 tons, Volvo CE is expanding its offering into new segments. Further, they are empowering customers to work in low carbon zones and noise sensitive areas, as well as indoors without the need for extra ventilation systems and outside of standard working hours – thanks to the lack of exhaust fumes and quieter operation.

Furthermore, the machines boast a 65% energy cost reduction on average, 30% less maintenance and zero engine-related consumables, making them a cost-effective solution for the modern worksite. They also deliver the same, if not better performance, than their diesel counterparts. And with less noise, vibrations and heat, operators report more pleasant working conditions, reduced fatigue and the ability to more easily communicate.

Elodie Guyot, Head of electromobility sales for region Europe at VCE said: “Our commitment to building a better world relies on us driving sustainable change across different equipment types and size classes. We already have dependable electric solutions out in the field across our compact portfolio and a growing part of our mid-size range. We are excited to continue delivering on this commitment now with three medium-sized zero-emission innovations, across new lines and sizes, all of which benefit from our industry-leading, high-performing electric technology.”

High power and long runtime with L120 Electric wheel loader

The first to launch and benefit from a 6-ton lifting capacity, the 20-ton L120 Electric wheel loader is a valuable partner across multiple applications. These range from construction sites, ports and logistic centers through to waste management and recycling, urban infrastructure maintenance and agriculture and forestry.

Volvo L120

Across most light and medium duty tasks, the L120 Electric can work a full day of around 5-9 hours on a single charge, depending on the application and environment. When it does need to power up, it can charge from 10-100% in one hour 40 minutes with a 180 kW DC fast charger or Volvo’s PU500 mobile power unit, and in 7 hours with a 40 kW DC portable charger, suitable for overnight charging.

The L120 Electric will be rolled out across select markets in Europe, Region International, India, Asia, Latin America and North America from Q4, 2024.

Versatility and operator comfort with L90 Electric wheel loader

The first electric wheel loader in its class, the 15-ton L90 Electric is a multi-talented solution suitable for a wide range of jobs. These include industrial material handling, forestry, agriculture and landscaping, quarries and mining and waste and recycling.

Volvo L90

Like the L120 Electric, it not only has dedicated electric motors for propulsion and hydraulics, enabling full available power to both systems, but enjoys a faster response and shorter cycle times than conventional models. For the L90 Electric, this is largely due to its Volvo-designed transmission, brand new and purpose-built for the electric platform, resulting in optimal energy efficiency.

Operators can easily access functions and settings from the intuitive interface, which integrates the Volvo Co-Pilot and rearview camera when fitted.

The L90 Electric will last for approximately 4-5 hours of operation across most medium duty applications and a full working day in lighter applications. Also similar to its larger brother, the electric drive motor on the L90 Electric recuperate energy by acting as generators when decelerating, ensuring a longer runtime and brake life.

It can charge 0-100% in about 70 minutes using a 150kW DC fast charger or PU500 mobile power unit, while its AC on-board cable can power up in 6-7 hours for overnight charging.

The L90 Electric will be available to select markets in Europe in 2025.

Expanding into new category with EWR150 Electric wheeled excavator

Volvo CE is expanding its electric line-up with the first electric short tail wheeled excavator, the 15-ton EWR150 Electric. Featuring the shortest tail swing in its class, it is a compact solution for inner-city use and confined spaces. This multi-purpose machine, supported by a range of attachments, is designed for multiple applications across construction, road work, utility installation and landscaping. As a wheeled solution it can quickly relocate or move on to the next job site, bringing any required tools on a trailer, saving time and transport costs.

Volvo EWR150

While other manufacturers provide converted electric options for this machine type, the EWR150 Electric comes from the factory – making it a significantly more energy efficient solution than its competitors, providing lower total cost of ownership. The state-of-the-art batteries are equipped with a thermo-management system to ensure they remain at the optimum temperature to deliver a long lifetime.

Energy recovery functions such as electric traveling enable a full day of work on a single charge. The electric Volvo wheeled excavator can then be powered overnight by simply connecting its integrated on-board charger (32 Ampere) to a wall socket or wallbox, or in about one hour with a range of optional fast chargers.

The EWR150 Electric has been built to provide premium comfort thanks to an improved cab – a benefit enjoyed as part of the new generation excavator design and an update compared to the diesel-powered EWR150E. It also enjoys more performance and versatility with extra reach, lifting capacity and minimized front swing radius.

It will be available from mid-2025 to select customers in Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

Extra support

All three electric models will benefit from the new My Equipment digital tool, helping customers maximize uptime and manage the charging process more efficiently with insights into battery status, machine hours and power consumption.

Like their conventional counterparts, they can also benefit from the Load Assist and Dig Assist suite of apps, a range of matched Volvo Attachments as well as services and solutions to support optimum use.

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