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Motor Graders – Volvo

In 2001 the new Volvo motor graders were launched, designed for maximum productivity, operability and operator comfort. Volvo manufactured machines from the 5 800 kg (12 800 lb) G60 to the 19 340 kg (42 740 lb) G780 and a full range of earth and snow attachments to provide a grading package for every public and private sector application.

Volvo introduced G700B series motor graders in 2002, which are powered exclusively with Volvo engines. Also introduced with the B series is machine monitoring contronics.

The compact motor grader business was sold in July 2004.

In the beginning of 2006 the new G900-series motor graders was launched. With a wide range of models, from 15 560 kg (34 300 lb) to 21 000 kg (46 300 lb), there is a Volvo motor grader to cut, contour or fine grade any jobsite. All of them have powerful Volvo engines rating between 145 kW (195 hp) and 198 kW (265 hp).
A wide range of Volvo attachments – available for front, mid and rear-mount use, as well as optional equipment – adds versatility and expands the bidding opportunities.

In 2012 the first of the C-series motor graders were launched, equipped with Tier 4 engines featuring increased power and torque.

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