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G740-G740 VHP

Volvo G740 – G740 VHP

The 740 model number has become famous with contractors and governmental agencies all over the world. With the G740 at 157 kW (210 hp) and the G740 VHP at 157–175 kW (210–235 hp), thesemachines are the best at attachment based activities such as, ripping or snow clearing and any other operation that requires huge pushing capability.

G740-G740 VHP specifications
Engine Cummins M11
Engine output, kW (hp) 157 (210)
No. of driven wheels 6x4
Minimum turning radius, mm 7 798
Overall length, mm 8 636
Overall width, mm 2 540
Wheelbase, mm 6 248
Bladebase, mm 2 718
Blade length, mm 3 658
Operating weight, t 16,1
Production year 2001–2002