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Volvo G746B

The most exciting addition to the previous line of Volvo grading products was the G746B. The G746B raised all wheel drive grading to a new level in productivity and performance. With its weight and power, the G746B was the largest of the wheel drive motor grader built until the new line which was launched in 2006.Ideal for road construction, road maintenance, ditch cutting, ditch cleaning, snow clearing and all heavy duty operations, the G746B developed high blade pull for remarkable cutting and pushing performance. The G746B set a new standard in all wheel drive motor graders.

G746B specifications
Engine Volvo D10BGAE2
Net engine power, kW (hp) 163–181 (219–243)
No. of driven wheels 6x6
Minimum turning radius, mm 7 798
Overall length, mm 9 220
Overall width, mm 2 540
Wheelbase, mm 6 248
Bladebase, mm 2 718
Blade length, mm 3 658
Operating weight, t 17,4
Production year 2002–2006