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G730-G730 VHP

Volvo G730 – G730 VHP

Volvo is a specialist in production class motor graders and the G730 and G730 VHP tandem drive graders are prime examples. Ideal for use in heavy blading or attachment based activities, the G730's provide optimum power [G730 at 145 kW (195 hp) and G730 VHP at 134–149 kW (180–200 hp)].This combined with a cutting capability of  8 358 kg makes the G730 machines ideal for all maintenance and production activities.

G730-G730 VHP specifications
Engine Cummins 6C8.3
Engine output, kW (hp) 145 (195)
No. of driven wheels 6x4
Minimum turning radius, mm 7 772
Overall length, mm 8 484
Overall width, mm 2 540
Wheelbase, mm 6 096
Bladebase, mm 2 591
Blade length, mm 3 658
Operating weight, t 15,7
Production year 2001–2002