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G716 VHP

Volvo G716 VHP

The six wheel drive G716 is the most productive mid-size AWD grader in its class. The G716 AWD system not only increases blade pull by 3 400 kg but the patented "creep" mode feature allows fine grading from 0-3 km/h using the front wheel drive only.This allows very precise low speed control without "scuffing" the fine grade surface.

G716 VHP specifications
Engine Cummins 6B5.9
Engine output, kW (hp) 119 (160)
No. of driven wheels 6x6
Minimum turning radius, mm 7 391
Overall length, mm 8 458
Overall width, mm 2 489
Wheelbase, mm 6 096
Bladebase, mm 2 616
Blade length, mm 3 658
Operating weight, t 14,3
Production year 2001–2002