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Volvo G946

This series of Volvo Motor Graders included three highly efficient and versatile tandem-drive models: G930, G940 and G960 as well as the G946 machine with the industry-leading Volvo All Wheel Drive (AWD) and the original “Creep Mode” front-wheel-only hydrostatic drive. The result was a selection of graders with outstanding power, torque and fuel efficiency for the widest range of grader applications.

Production year 2005-2015

G946 2010 specifications
Engine Volvo D7E
Net engine power
Low range, kW (hp) 145 (195)*
Mid range, kW (hp) 160 (215)*
High, kW (hp) 175 (235)*
Overall lenght, mm 9 150
Wheelbase, mm 6 280
Blade pull at 0,9 coefficient, kg 14 925*
Blade down pressure, kg 8 650
Operating weight, kg 17 300
Production year 2005-2015

* With AWD engaged.