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Articulated Haulers – Volvo

In 1997 the brand name Volvo BM was changed and the BM suffix was dropped to further strengthen the Volvo identity.

The first two models in the D-series articulated haulers were launched in 2000, featuring increased payload and body capacity amogst other things to maximize productivity.
The new cab was designed for good visibility arround the machine and has an intelligent communications system that helps and warns the operator.
With superior servicability the D-series haulers have minimized the demand for service, reduced service downtime and have no daily or weekly grease pointsidentity.

In 2007 the E-series articulated haulers were launched. At the same time, the new and innovative FS-model – the world's first full suspension articulated haulers were presented.

The F-series articulated haulers, launched 2010, feature a package of improvements in funktionality, design and maintenance. They also meet the demanding standards set by the Tier 4i (US) and Stage IIIB (Europe) emissions legislation.

In 2014 the new G-series was launched that meets the demanding Stage IV (EU) and Tier 4 Final (US) emissions reduction requirements. The new series includes the proven concept of the previous series, excellent fuel efficiency, operator comfort and ease of operation.

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