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Volvo / Volvo BM A40

The Volvo A40 was the biggest in the range and the most productive articulated hauler that existed at the time. Despite its payload capacity it was maneuverable, easy to operate and had the same fine off-road characteristics as the other models. A40 was equipped with Volvo TD 122 KFE engine.

Production year 1997-2000

A40 2000 specifications
Engine Volvo TD 122 KFE
Rated output at, r/s (r/min) 35 (2 100)
...SAE J1349 gross, kW (hp) 297 (398)
...SAE J1349 net, kW (hp) 295 (395)
Max torque at, r/s (r/min) 23 (1 380)
...SAE J1349 gross, Nm 1 675
...SAE J1349 net, Nm 1 665
Max speed, km/h 53
Load capacity SAE struck, m3 16,3
Payload, t 36,0
Net weight, t 30,1
Gross weight, t 66,1
Production year 1997–2000