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Volvo A25E

Volvo's in-house engines provided A25E both power and rimbull. The D9-engine was equipped with Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology which was designed to efficiently use every drop of fuel. Several important features made the machine and operator a highly productive unit: the well proven brake system, the effective retardation system, the powerful and exact dumping system, and the superior steering system.

Production year 2007-2010

A25E 2010 specifications
Engine Volvo D9B AB E3
Rated output at, r/s (r/min) 35 (2 100)
...SAE J1349 gross, kW (hp) 224 (305)
...SAE J1349 net, kW (hp) 223 (303)
Max torque at, r/s (r/min) 20 (1 200)
...SAE J1349 gross, Nm 1 700
...SAE J1349 net, Nm 1 689
Max speed, km/h 53
Load capacity SAE struck, m3 11,7
Load capacity SAE 2:1 heap, m3 15,0
Payload, t 24
Net weight, t 21,6
Gross weight, t 45,6
Production year 2007–2010