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On-board weighing

Take control of your productivity

On-board weighing

Keep it moving with On-Board Weighing, a factory-fit system which allows you to measure your bucket load on-the go, eliminating any disruption to the workflow. Simply use Volvo Co-Pilot – the high-resolution 10'' touchscreen – to monitor loading progress, track materials and trucks, and change work orders in seconds.

Operate safely

Increase jobsite safety with a customisable alert, which notifies the operator if the bucket load exceeds a set limit. Get a full view of your surroundings when reversing thanks to the optional rear-view camera which automatically combines the rear-view and load information into a single screen. For additional safety, certain functions are disabled when speed exceeds 10km/h.

Loaded with benefits

Loading made easy

A guided calibration process, colored bars which indicate load activity progress, and icons which give insight into why the weight is not locked properly, combine to facilitate the loading process.

Work orders

Select customer name and target tonnage with just a few touches.

Working modes

Choose Project mode to control the total load of multiple trucks, or Trip mode, ideal for loading single trucks or crushers.

Superior production efficiency

Get it right first time with tonnage measurements accurate to within +/- 1% for every bucket-load. When site conditions or customer requirements make it impossible to lock the load within this margin, simply switch to within an accuracy of +/- 2%.

Partial unloading

Managing the last bucket of the trip is easy with tip off capability.

Buckets, and more

The system is optimised for standard bucket operations, and suitable for high tip buckets and side dump buckets. It is also compatible with forks and grapples (accuracy +/- 2%).

Reporting on demand

Production data is stored in the Volvo Co-Pilot and can be exported over the air to a cloud-based portal, or by using a USB-stick, enabling you to analyse machine usage and productivity. Fully integrated to the machine, the system populates CareTrack – combining productivity data and fuel data into a single report.

Specifications for on-board weighing app

Type of system Fully dynamic*
Typical accuracy 1%*
Load range Within the range of 5-150% of the machine working load
Certifiable/trade approved NO
Unit of measure Tonnes, short tons and lbs
Loading modes Project and Trip mode
Loading multiple compartments YES, up to 3 individual compartments
Tip-off functionality Tip-off onto pile or tip-off onto truck
Pause functionality YES
Rear-view camera YES, when reversing only, OR at all times in full mode or split screen
Number of work orders More than 100 000
Number of attachments More than 100 000
Number of customers
More than 100 000
Number of trucks/targets More than 100 000
Number of material types More than 100 000
Data transferred via Cloud service via SIM card Detailed data per bucket.
Weight, Material name, Target name, Customer name, Work order name
Data transferred via USB Detailed data per work order.
Work order name, Start and stop times, Total material loaded, Material type, Customer name
Data transferred in CareTrack Tonnes/tons, Litre/gallon, Ton(ne)/hour, Ton(ne)/litre or gallon, Litre or gallon of fuel/ton(ne), Number of cycles
Operator manual Accessible via touchscreen. Available in 25 languages
Calibration time One 15-20 second calibration per day* or after changing attachment
Overload warning Truck/target, Bucket
Printer / Type Thermal printer. Printouts can also be exported as pdf to USB
Printer / Connectivity
Printer / Information on printout
Company name, Date, Time, Customer name, Work order name, Target, Weight, Bucket count
*Depending on working conditions.
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