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Routine maintenance is a vital part of keeping your machine in top condition – helping to prolong the lifespan and maintain peak performance. No matter how essential routine servicing may be, time is money and when your machine is not working, it’s not earning. That’s why our newest series of excavators has several design features to make maintenance quick and easy.

Six ways to minimize downtime

Here are six ways our new excavators help you to minimize downtime and maximize productivity when it comes to routine service and maintenance.

Volvo excavators

Long service intervals

Volvo excavators boast some of the longest service intervals in the industry, with 1000-hour engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel filter changes. More synchronized service intervals (at 1000-hour multiples) further increase uptime and reduce costs.

Volvo excavators

Easy access

Grouped filters can be accessed with easy access via the machine platform, not to mention the ground level DEF/UREA filling on the EC230. HVAC filters can also be replaced from inside the cab for a much easier and straightforward process.

Volvo excavators

Swing out air-con condense

The swing out condenser makes the radiator and oil cooler easier to inspect. Easier refill of the air-con system when needed.

Volvo excavators

Quick drain, fast fill

For simple and environmentally friendly fluid draining, engine oil and hydraulic oil can be drained from the quick drain port using a common hose connection. Optional fast filling systems are available for hydraulic oil and engine oil (market dependent).

Volvo excavators

Clean and quick oil changes

A convenient shut-off valve when changing fuel filters prevents oil leakage, helping to keep technicians and the environment cleaner. An optional ground-level quick oil change access port further supports cleaner and safer oil changes.

Volvo excavators

Oil sampling port

Fluid Analysis can be an important contributor to monitoring the health and performance of your machines and this optional feature provides an environmentally safe method to collect small oil samples via a vacuum pump.

Volvo excavators

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