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Large Crawler ExcavatorsVolvo EC250E

  • 25,600 - 28,900 kg
  • 160 kW
  • 0.56 - 1.76

Volvo's EC250E digger is a powerful and efficient machine designed to reduce fuel consumption and increase your productivity. With advanced... Read more

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Boost your productivity

Volvo's EC250E digger is a powerful and efficient machine designed to reduce fuel consumption and increase your productivity. With advanced technology, the machines deliver a significant improvement in fuel efficiency, saving your business time and cost. Put your mind at ease with Volvo.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Download the brochure or contact us.

Operating weight 25,600 - 28,900 kg
Gross power 160 kW engine speed 1,800 rpm
Bucket capacity 0.56 - 1.76
Lifting capacity, along undercarriage 9,610 kg reach / height 6 / 1.5 m
Max. digging reach 10,340 mm
Max. digging depth 7,060 mm
Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Normal) 152 kN
Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Boost) 166 kN
Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Normal) 115 kN
Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Boost) 125 kN
Overall width feet inches 3,190 mm
Tail swing radius 3,070 mm

Based on machine configuration: Boom 6.0m; Arm 2.97m; Shoe 600mm; CWT 4 950kg

Image illustration only. Production machines may differ in appearance and features vary between markets and models.

volvo excavator ec250e t4f

Eco mode

Volvo's unique ECO mode improves fuel efficiency without any loss of performance.
volvo excavator ec250e t4f

Proportional two-pump flow

The proportional two-pump flow makes it easier for the operator to improve the machine's controllability for a higher quality grading finish. The ease of operation helps to get a quality job done quicker.
volvo excavator ec250e t4f

Bolt-on wear plates

At the arm end where the most movement and wear occurs, Volvo provides wear plates which are easily replaced in a matter of hours in the field – a service that can't be matched by its competitors
volvo excavator ec250e t4f

Air compressor

Volvo now offers an optional and unique air compressor system. The air compressor with air blower, fitted in the cab for easy access, is a powerful tool and can be used to clean the cab whenever necessary.
volvo excavator ec250e t4f


All machine inter faces are ergonomically positioned and designed for optimum control and efficiency.

Only with Volvo attachments do you get what you wanted when you bought a Volvo in the first place – maximum productivity and uptime. Volvo develops and offers a wide range of attachments which brings you unmatched flexibility and versatility, making it easy for you to develop job opportunities and to get the job done with increased productivity. Displayed attachments may not be available in all markets. Consult your dealer for specific availability.