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Volvo EW240 Electric Material Handler sets new standard for decarbonization

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is introducing the grid-connected EW240 Electric Material Handler, the latest addition to its leading range of zero exhaust emission machines working towards a carbon-neutral future. This solution was developed in collaboration with one of our authorised partners.

  • With a continuous cable connection, the near-silent EW240 Electric Material Handler can work round the clock without any need to stop for refueling or recharging, making it the perfect partner for indoor use or in waste and recycling applications.
  • It delivers a significant reduction in noise, vibration, and heat as well as zero exhaust fumes – creating a more comfortable work environment and opening up new business opportunities.
  • The grid-connected wheeled excavator will be available to select customers in Europe from January 2024.

The EW240 Electric Material Handler is not only a better choice for the environment, but it opens up a range of new business opportunities too. With zero exhaust emissions and near silent operation, it is the perfect solution for noise sensitive areas, outdoors or even indoors, low carbon zones and for working during unsociable hours.

Its quieter operation means less disruption to the operator and to people working on site, as well as to those in the surrounding areas.

Sustainability in Action

Electric solutions like this EW240 Electric Material Handler are perfectly suited to waste and recycling applications – helping to deliver a more sustainable way of working to match the environmental ambitions and operations of the very business itself.


Thanks to electrification, the EW240 Electric Material Handler can go longer between services which means lower maintenance costs compared to a diesel alternative. With no engine-related consumables such as engine oil, filters and water separator, it also reduces downtime and costs.

No time for downtime

A cable connection makes the EW240 Electric Material Handler the perfect choice to increase productivity and lower operating costs in static applications. This electric-powered Material Handler gives operators the same performance and control as provided by conventional machines – with the added advantage that there is no need to stop work to refuel or recharge.

Instead, operators can keep working for as long as they want – and with outstanding levels of operator comfort, this might be some time. Operator experience is further enhanced with a heated and suspended seat, and outstanding visibility thanks to the flat machine hood, rear and side view camera and LED lights. 

Grid-Connected Solutions 

Grid-connected solutions like the EW240 Electric Material Handler are ideal for use in static applications that are required to carry out repetitive tasks such as material handling, for example in the waste and recycling industry. Volvo CE continues to invest in technological solutions tailored to industry needs.

Thomas Nather, EW240 Electric Material Handler

The EW240 Electric Material Handler is the ideal hard-working sustainable solution for waste and recycling – an industry where circularity is in close focus. By providing near silent and zero emission electric solutions, we are supporting our customers need to work more sustainably and deliver on their transformation journey as well as lower the cost of their operations.

Thomas Nather

SAS Commercial Project Manager,Volvo CE


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