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Volvo powers up for charging EC230 Electric

The Volvo Power Unit is the next step in building a future portfolio of charging solutions. It is developed to provide power to sites with weak or no local grid.

Bringing power to the site

The Power Unit brings power to sites with weak or no local grid. It is easier to bring the charging station to the machine instead of vice versa, increasing up-time and flexibility. For sites with a weak grid, the main benefit is “power peak shaving”, meaning the possibility to continuously charge the batteries in the container with low power, and fast charge the machines from the container when needed. When there is no grid at the site, the Power Unit can be transported to enable electricity and charging where needed.

A mobile power unit

A true mobile unit, the charger is easy to move and place where you need it to be. You charge the power unit on-site when you have access to the power grid or charge off-site at a site with access to the grid.

PU500 charger

The Power Unit is a mobile charger with integrated battery available as PU500 with ~330-400kWh of capacity. The Power Unit (PU500) can be configured with new or second life battery packs depending on your needs.

Second life battery packs inside the Power Unit have previously been used in other Volvo Group products, e.g. trucks, buses or construction equipment. Giving batteries a second life is economical and positive for the environment and contributes to your sustainability targets.

PU500 is currently tested in selected markets for re-charging of the EC230 Electric crawler excavator.

Container charging - Facts and Figures


  • 300 x 250 x 260 cm
  • Weight: 7000 kg (liftable with L120)
  • Self contained cooling system with no external connections
  • Fire and temp sensors
  • Gas evacuation fan
  • Built in water-based fire extinguishing system with outside connection of the water supply
  • IP54 protection
  • Operating temperature: -25oC / +45oC

Power input

  • 125A 400 Vac 3-phase
  • 65kW63A 400 Vac 3-phase 40kW
  • 32A 400 Vac 3-phase 20kW

Power output

  • 240 kW CCS2 DC charger
  • 17 kW 48V DC charger
  • 32A 400V 3-phase outlet
  • 32A 230V 3-phase outlet
  • 16A 230V CEE outlet
  • 16A 230V Schuko outlet
  • 396kWh battery / CCS2 / AC charging
  • 6 x 66 kWh battery packs
  • Same battery as in EC230
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