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6 reasons to use Volvo Dig Assist

Dig Assist, the excavator machine control system from Volvo Construction Equipment, offers many benefits to operators and company owners by helping to increase safety and productivity as well as reduce costs.

Volvo Dig Assist

Construction equipment is becoming increasingly high tech with new productivity-enhancing features and options incorporated into machines every year. Today, high-tech sensors can relay real-time information about a machine’s precise movements back to the operator in the cab and display it on the Volvo Co-Pilot monitor.

Many excavator operators now could not live without the Volvo Dig Assist machine control system as it helps them complete jobs safely, accurately and in a fraction of the time. Here are just six reasons it is worth the investment.

1. Achieve more accurate trenching

Volvo Co-Pilot with Dig Assist enables an operator to input the specifications for even the most complex trenches – including slopes and multiple layers – in a matter of minutes. Then a virtual guideline helps the operator stay on track. This eliminates much of the usual prep work and allows the operator to complete the work quickly and correctly.

2. Simplify digging shapes

Some jobs like trenching or digging a basement require a more complex shape. Volvo Dig Assist allows operators to draw simple 3D shapes directly from the cab (like a step trench for installing multiple utility lines) or even choose from a library of pre-built shapes that they can modify according to job requirements. This saves time and money by reducing the need for additional surveyors and measuring.

3. Work in a safer environment

Volvo Dig Assist provides both visual and audible warnings to avoid jobsite obstacles. Operators simply set the depth they can dig without hitting utility lines or the maximum height they can extend the arm before hitting power lines and receive a warning if they get too close. These parameters are a great help to operators in avoiding accidents.

4. Lower labour costs

Decreasing the time spent checking and re-checking depth and slope accuracy at the dig site or putting stakes in the ground frees up members of the team to complete other work. This increases efficiency and productivity across the entire job site.

What is more, operators do not waste time over-digging or reworking a trench. This means they can complete jobs and move onto other tasks much faster. Overall, this reduces the amount of labour on site, time and thus fuel.

5. Gain a competitive edge

Using a machine control system like Dig Assist enables contractors to work in environments such as very dark environments like deep ditches, where other excavators might struggle. The operators can input job profiles and see the position of the bucket on the screen in real time.

6. Turn novice operators into experts

New operators will not seem so inexperienced with Dig Assist. Using it is as simple as running a tablet or smartphone with a learning curve of less than two minutes. Dig Assist is also a great training tool as operators do not need to worry about making errors because they have a visual aid to judge their accuracy. Over time, the real-time feedback they receive helps even highly competent operators to improve their skills.

Volvo Dig Assist


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