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3 ways Volvo ACTIVE CARE can help keep jobs on budget

Telematics data enables contractors to keep an eye on everything from fuel consumption and machine usage to problems that if neglected could lead to repairs or unplanned downtime – but the information can be difficult to understand. Volvo ACTIVE CARE cuts through the noise, providing proactive monitoring and maintenance without the hassle.

Keeping projects on budget

1. Quickly identifying and responding to machine issues

Anyone who has used a telematics system before will be familiar with fault codes. These codes indicate an issue with the machine but provide no further information as to how critical it is or how to resolve it. In some cases fleet managers may have to look up what the fault code actually means and then try to work out the cause of the issue themselves.

A fleet manager of a mid-to-large fleet may receive multiple alerts every day, mostly for small issues like low windscreen wiper fluid – and with a cluttered inbox of noncritical alerts, the potential for overlooking a major problem is quite high. When such a problem is left unattended, it can lead to unplanned downtime that drives up project costs and timelines.

If the fleet manager subscribes to Volvo ACTIVE CARE, however, the telematics data is analysed for them and instead of receiving a fault code, they receive a case alert that includes a probable cause of the issue, a recommended solution and the potential consequences of not taking action.

What’s more, the dealer is notified at the same time as the customer so they can act quickly. As they have the diagnosis, the dealer will know which tools and technicians to bring to the site or even whether to bring a courtesy machine if the issue will take longer to fix.

Using just a traditional telematics system, the dealer would need to wait from a call from the customer and then may end up having to make multiple trips to the site (all of which the customer pays for) to diagnose and fix the issue. All of this has serious consequences for jobsite productivity and staying on budget.

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2. Monitoring fleet utilisation to identify inefficiencies

Another way Volvo ACTIVE CARE can help projects stay on budget is by monitoring machine usage across the entire fleet as well as individual machines. Subscribers to ACTIVE CARE receive monthly reports showing a range of data points across the entire fleet. For example, they can see at a glance work versus idle percentages by machine type and for individual machines. Appropriate idle times can differ significantly by job so evaluating this information can help keep the fleet on a positive trajectory and address unnecessary costs by spotting machines that are idling away hours and hurting machine resale value.

High idling times may mean that a customer does not have the right fleet mix for the job. The idle times for particular haulers may indicate that a different size excavator or loader is needed or that under-utilised machines should be reallocated to another job. Identifying these trends ensure the fleet is as efficient as possible and that no machine is running up project costs unnecessarily.

ACTIVE CARE also monitors fuel consumption across the fleet, allowing fleet managers to identify efficiencies and make changes to achieve additional savings.

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3. Identifying machine misuse

As well as information on utilisation and fuel efficiency, the monthly ACTIVE CARE reports give a rundown of potential machine misuse. Fleet managers can see – by machine and for the entire fleet – instances in which an operator does something they should not, like high-speed shifts on wheel loaders, using the wrong excavator work mode or overusing the differential lock on articulated haulers. Catching all of these issues can lower costs, increase uptime and identify operator training needs – all of which can help keep project costs down.

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