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Volvo's upgraded Load Assist enhances productivity

Volvo Construction Equipment has raised the bar on proven wheel loader technology with the latest Load Assist upgrade, offering accurate payload data – to within +/- 1 per cent.

Volvo Construction Equipment adds to its range of innovative services with the updated Load Assist solution for Volvo L110H to L260H wheel loaders. The load weighing solution is powered by the revolutionary on-board Volvo Co Pilot display. Utilizing this 10-inch touchscreen, the operator has access to the On Board Weighing app. Load Assist promises to help improve operator efficiency and site performance by delivering real time accurate load information to the operator.
Preventing under-or-overloading – and additional machine wear and even potential fines – On Board Weighing allows wheel loaders to work to their maximum efficiencies, eliminating reweighing and waiting times. The system captures all load data via pressure and position sensors and then displays it on Volvo Co Pilot. This allows real-time insight into the bucket's load within +/- 1% accuracy.

Ready, set, lift!

The upgraded system is designed to make the operator's life easy – starting with the zero weight calibration process, which guides the operator through Volvo Co Pilot. Once calibration is complete, the operator can quickly and easily set up projects by selecting the customer name, work order number, target tonnage and material type. There are two working modes to choose from: Project mode, to control the load of multiple trucks, and Trip mode, for loading single trucks, crushers or other stationary equipment.

While the operation is underway, the operator can monitor the loading progress in real time. The dynamic system measures the bucket load on-the-go to eliminate any disruption in the workflow. Colored bars help the operator visualize the tonnage currently in the loader's bucket, tonnage already delivered, and tonnage that still needs to be delivered, while icons offer insight into why the weight is not locked properly.

Volvo Construction Equipment Load Assist

Optimized for bucket operation – including High tip buckets and Side dump buckets – the system offers partial unloading capability. Managing the last bucket of the trip is easy with tip off capability, which provides a real-time view of the remaining load in the bucket via Volvo Co Pilot. The operator can select from two modes: one for unloading on a pile and the other for unloading on a truck.

Apart from simplifying the operation, On Board Weighing also helps to secure a safe worksite. A customizable alert informs the operator if pre-set load limits are exceeded. Depending on the combination of options, the rear-view camera automatically engages – and can combine the load information into a single screen – when the loader is put in reverse. For added protection, some functions are disabled when speed exceeds 10km/h (6 mph).

Work tirelessly – and wirelessly

Offering 16 GB memory, Volvo Co Pilot makes it possible to store a near-limitless quantity of attachments, work orders, targets, materials and customer information. Volvo Construction Equipment Load AssistData can also be stored in the Cloud, transferred to a flash drive, or printed for complete payload management. The system feeds the machine information to the CareTrack® telematics system, giving remote access to machine information such as total transported load; tonnes (tons/lb) transported per liter (gallon) of fuel and number of cycles. With the latest detail into the machine's performance, operators and machine owners can determine areas of opportunity to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Volvo Co Pilot is designed in a way that makes it easily scalable as future software updates, additional functionality and new applications are developed. When equipped with a SIM card, the system can receive software updates remotely through wireless communication.

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