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Volvo's E-series pipelayers lift productivity, safety and versatility to new heights

The PL3005E rotating pipelayer from Volvo Construction Equipment delivers superior performance capabilities, thanks to its excavator-based design and high-tech features.

Volvo’s E-series pipelayers lift productivity, safety and versatility to new heights

As arguably the highest performing machines in their segments, it should come as no surprise that the rotating pipelayers from Volvo Construction Equipment are packed with a host of state-of-the-art productivity and safety-enhancing features. Thanks to the clever, excavator-based design combined with advanced load management and telematics systems, the impressive pipelayers offer unrivaled performance across a variety of applications.

Through an impressive 360° swing capacity, the operator can safely rotate the superstructure to lift and place large, heavy pipes anywhere around the machine with ease – especially useful for loading and unloading, and feeding pipe-bending machines. With up to 55 tonne (120,000 lb) tipping capacity, heavy-duty tasks such as lowering-in and tie-ins are performed efficiently and swiftly.

Offering infinite pipe placement possibilities, the pipelayer's unique design provides unshakable stability to work safely across rugged terrain and on slopes of up to 35°. With excellent stability and smooth hydraulics for simultaneous movements, the rotating pipelayers are the perfect choice for lowering-in applications. While operating on slopes, point the boom uphill to improve the stability and increase safety.

In as little as 2.5 hours, the E-series pipelayers can be converted into a standard excavator, thereby offering the benefits of two machines in one, helping customers get the most out of their investment. Hydraulics perfectly matched for both pipelaying and digging applications means there is no loss of power in either configuration.

Commanding workplace

Built on decades of engineering excellence, Volvo's E-Series pipelayers are built to deliver equal measures of productivity and safety – starting with the Volvo cab.

From the adjustable seat, the operator is in total control of his comfort. The spacious, noise and climate-controlled environment is further enhanced by controls that fall easily to hand. The hydraulically-elevated ROPS-safety certified cab delivers a commanding view of the job site and trench and features the Intelligent Load Management System (LMS), which monitors the load and alerts the operator when the limit is reached, for optimum safety and efficiency.

Get to work without delay

Volvo's E-series pipelayers lift productivity, safety and versatility to new heights

Not only are the robust pipelayers designed with productivity in mind, but they are also filled with an abundance of features that reduce the risk of damage for maximum uptime. Unlike traditional sideboom-dozer-type pipelayers, Volvo's E-series range can easily be transported between or around job sites on a trailer or low boy without having to disassemble the boom or counterweight.

For easier maintenance, the remote filters are separate from the engine and radiator, aiding cleaning and helping to ensure speed and swiftness when conducting regular service checks. To track machine health and performance, the pipelayers can be fitted with CareTrack, Volvo's state-of-the-art telematic system. The system monitors information on a variety of machine data in real time, including fuel consumption and engine hours, helping customers optimize fuel efficiency, avoid unscheduled down time and maximize return on investment.

As with all Volvo machines, the E-Series pipelayers are equipped with Genuine Volvo Parts, rigorously tested and approved to ensure the highest quality and long-lasting performance. All Volvo customers have access to immediate support whenever they need it, thanks to Volvo's global service network.

Key specifications:

Engine Volvo D8J

Operating weight

35 030

Engine gross power

kW hp (imp)
. . . at engine speed r/min 1800 

Max. tipping capacity


Rated capacity


Std. boom length

ft in

Extended boom length

ft in
Max. working slope  ° 35