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Volvo at Steinexpo 2017

At Steinexpo 2017, Volvo Construction Equipment will showcase its high-performing portfolio of machines and services with a segment-specific selection of machines. Over a 1,000m2 exhibition area in Europe’s largest basalt quarry, Volvo CE will present its latest E-Series crawler excavators, the A45GFS articulated hauler with full suspension, and the largest wheel loader in the Volvo range – the L350H, as well as a construction truck from sister company Volvo Trucks.

Volvo at Steinexpo 2017 A60H hauler and EC750E excavator

From the realistic live demonstrations, visitors will be able to build a picture of the performance of the new Volvo L260H wheel loader, Volvo CE’s largest articulated hauler – the A60H, as well as the largest Stage IV-compliant Volvo crawler excavator – the EC750E.

The giants of Volvo Construction Equipment

The brand new flagship of the Volvo wheel loader family, the L350H wheel loader, features improved fuel efficiency, further performance-enhancing components and an eye-catching new design. The L350H is the largest wheel loader from Volvo Construction Equipment and includes an updated drivetrain, new hydraulics, a new operator environment and perhaps the most impressive design the field. Designed for efficiency, the L350G incorporates next generation hydraulics and is powered by a Stage IV D16J engine that provides high torque even at low speeds. When paired with an original Volvo Rock Bucket, the L350H is ideal for quarry applications.

In the 60-ton class, the reliable A60H hauler offers unmatched uptime, thanks to its robust construction, easy maintenance access, and the outstanding support from the Volvo dealer network. With its enormous 55-metric-tonne payload, the cost per ton is significantly lowered. The state-of-the-art construction increases capacity and improves fuel efficiency – it transports more for less. The A60H is powered by a 16-litre Volvo engine with a maximum output of 470kW and a maximum torque of 2,960Nm. The drive’s excellent fuel efficiency ensures high productivity and profitability.

The EC750E crawler excavator is distinguished by innovative fuel efficiency, higher productivity and performance, ensuring maximum return on investment. In the 75-ton class, the EC750E offers the ideal combination of power and stability for a high degree of performance in almost all applications. Driven by a Stage IV-compliant Volvo D16 engine, this heavy duty excavator achieves a considerable output of 374kW/509hp. The excavator is equipped with an innovative electro-hydraulic system that is perfectly matched to the reliable engine.

New products on the Volvo stand

The L260H wheel loader, the latest addition to the Volvo H-Series, will make its European debut at the show. The wheel loader is designed for high handling performance. The 34-ton model can load a hauler in three cycles. The L260H offers five percent greater performance and torque, 15% greater load capacity and larger buckets – not forgetting the revolutionary Volvo Co-Pilot with Load Assist and an intelligently-updated lifting arm and frame. The result is higher fuel efficiency, shorter cycle times, improved productivity on the jobsite, maximum operator comfort and easier maintenance.

Load Assist has been developed for Volvo wheel loaders in the L110 to L260 range and provides the operator with precise information about the loading process in realtime. The system helps to avoid under or overloading, as well as possible penalities, while reducing wear on the machine and promoting higher efficiency. Load Assist is a fully dynamic system with a tolerance of +2%. When connected to CareTrack, Volvo’s telematics system, productivity figures can be called up at any time.

Volvo Trucks is represented by a heavy five-axle rear dumper, the Volvo FMX 10x6, with 540hp and a payload of up to 50 tons. Volvo Trucks offers many innovations when it comes to construction and mining vehicles that relieve the strain on the driver and enable a significant increase in efficiency. These include the intelligent electric ‘Volvo Dynamic Steering’ steering assistance and the automatic traction control (ATC) feature, which automatically comes out of all-wheel drive when it is not needed, saving fuel. In addition, the optional creep modes help to protect the drivetrain when moving off. When driving in rough terrain, Volvo Trucks’ high ground clearnace, well-encased engine and the robust construction of the special steel bumper on the construction trucks offer important protection.

A special area will afford ambitious operators the opportunity to test their skill on an EC250E crawler and qualify for the Operators Club Final 2017, a competition to find Europe’s best operator. The Final coincides with the start of the Volvo Ocean Race, the world’s toughest and most spectacular ocean regatta. The venue for both these extraordinary events this October is the port of Alicante in Spain, from where the boats will start.


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