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The Volvo ECR355E: never short on performance

The new E-Series excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment offers up to a 10% rise in fuel efficiency, significant increase in digging and lifting forces, controllability and ultimate uptime to ensure the highest standard of productivity and performance.

Volvo ECR355E excavator

Introducing the new ECR355E short swing radius excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment. Built on the proven E-Series design, the latest addition is powerful and precise, making the 35-tonne machine the ideal partner for pipelaying, trench-box installation and utility work.

At the heart of the heavy-duty machine is the robust Stage IV/Tier 4 Final-compliant Volvo engine. Combining high torque and low rpm, the Volvo D8 engine delivers 180 kW (241 Hp) of power and an up to 10% increase in fuel efficiency, helping customers do more for less. The advanced electro-hydraulic system works in harmony with the powerful Volvo engine to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, as well as ensure faster and smoother operation. Also contributing to faster cycle times is the boom float function, which saves pump power when lowering the boom.

To keep performance high and operation costs low, the ECR355E features the integrated Volvo work mode system. Depending on the task at hand, the operator can choose from I (Idle), F (Fine), G (General), H (Heavy) and P (Power max). The new ECO Mode uses the latest electronic pump control technology to further boost fuel efficiency without any loss of performance in most operating conditions.

Short swing, big potential

The Volvo ECR355E not only does more with less fuel but also with less effort. For example, the electro-hydraulic system offers a significant increase in both lifting capacity and digging force. With the ability to dig, swing and load more material, the ECR355E achieves greater productivity across a broader spectrum of applications and conditions.

From road construction to heavy infrastructure work, the ECR355E adapts to the job site, thanks to its sturdy design and a long list of standard and optional features, such as the Volvo dozer blade, quick coupler, auxiliary hydraulics and the optional two-piece boom. To better adapt to meet different job specifications, the Volvo ECR355E can be easily transported from site to site thanks to its compact size. The optional narrow and long undercarriage features can be selected to enhance machine mobility. The ECR355E also features increased hydraulic flow for accurate control in grading and combined operations. The synchronized boom and arm aid ease of movement when traveling and lifting simultaneously, as well as contributing to higher grading quality.

To improve and maintain site productivity, Volvo offers Productivity Services. Operator behavior, site setup and machine configuration are just some of the many factors within Productivity Services that can be refined to boost productivity. Customers can choose from various machine options, Assist solutions and training packages to enhance the performance of their Volvo fleet – helping them do more and earn more.

Do more – comfortably

In order to maneuver in and out of confined areas on the jobsite, the latest E-Series excavator raises the bar in controllability and operator comfort with a host of new features. Inside the low-noise Volvo cab, customized response modes in the joysticks ensure the machine does exactly what the operator intends. The hydraulic system is matched to the Volvo D8 engine, further enhancing the power and controllability of the excavator. Controllability and ease of operation are enhanced by the Human Machine Interface (HMI), an electronic system that enables operators to fine-tune functions and settings through a monitor and keypad. By integrating ergonomic controls and simplified switches into the keypad, the HMI brings the operator and technology together, forming one cohesive working environment.

From the industry-leading ROPS-certified Volvo cab, the operator experiences all-around visibility around the machine thanks to expansive windows and narrow pillars. The optional Volvo Smart View feature combines four exterior-mounted cameras to create a bird’s eye view of the machine, displayed on the monitor. The system allows the operator to observe all surrounding areas – an advantage when working in confined areas.

The ergonomically-designed cab also features a large vertical windshield for greater visibility and safety. The large upper front window can be easily rolled up and out of the way, and the lower portion can be removed and stowed inside the cab for greater convenience. Convenience and comfort are optimized by the advanced climate control system, which can be easily adjusted via the eight inch LCD monitor. The industry-leading air circulation and defrosting system speeds up the heating and cooling of the cab for a more comfortable environment. Other standard features include the adjustable seat, ample legroom and vibration dampeners, ensuring the operator remains fresh, alert and focused.

Up to the test

Beyond productivity and control, the heavy-duty machine is always available and ready to work. The ECR355E is equipped with an X-frame undercarriage with forged steel top rollers, and rugged boom and arms for sustainable uptime and longevity. Wide-opening compartment doors allow unobstructed ground-level access to essential maintenance points, including pump pressure taps, filters and the cooling package. And with logically-grouped greasing manifolds, anti-slip plates and plentiful handrails, operators can get back to work swiftly and safely.

For demolition and other heavy-duty applications, Volvo offers reinforcement and guarding packages to ensure Volvo machines are protected. Customers can choose from a wide range of options, including the boom and bucket cylinder guards, heavy-duty side doors, reinforced undercovers, slew ring protection and cab-mounted Falling Object Guarding (FOG) packages.

In addition to Productivity Services, Volvo offers Uptime Services, designed to reduce repair costs and unplanned downtime. Utilizing innovative technology, Volvo dealers remotely monitor customers’ machines. Any problems can be diagnosed early and corrective steps taken towards a sustainable solution.

More than a machine

Volvo provides a comprehensive range of attachments and Customer Solutions to support the new ECR355E, maximizing cycle times and productivity. With Volvo’s quick couplers and attachment management system, operators can easily switch between hydraulic breakers, general-purpose buckets, heavy-duty buckets, hydraulic thumbs and the Steelwrist® tilt rotator.

Volvo offers a full range of quick couplers, which includes Volvo’s S-type, universal and SteelWrist® quick coupler. The factory-installed tilt rotators feature dedicated joysticks and a color display that are fully integrated into the machine’s system. The tilt rotators are perfectly matched to the new series of Volvo Aggressive Cut excavator buckets. To achieve the correct flow and pressure for hydraulic attachments such as mowers, grinders, shears, crushers and tilt rotators, the machine can be factory-fitted with a variety of extra hydraulic lines, such as breaker and shear piping, as well as rotator piping.

The password protected attachment management system allows storage for up to 20 different attachments. The user-friendly system allows the operator to pre-set the correct hydraulic flow and pressure inside the cab through the monitor, to get the most performance from attachments.

For less downtime and expert care, Volvo proactively responds to customer requirements faster and fully supports service and maintenance needs through its local workshops and on-site service vans. Furthermore, Genuine Volvo Parts are extensively tested and approved to ensure machine longevity and uptime. Volvo dealers help to get more out of each machine by offering unrestricted access to a complete range of services, ensuring maximum protection of customers’ revenue.

Key specifications:

 ECR355E  Metric  Imperial
 Engine  D8J
 Power output at  30 r/s (1 800 r/min)
 Net (ISO 9249/SAEJ1349)  179 kW  240 Hp
 Breakout force (Normal/Boost) ISO 6015  192 / 209 kN  43 160 / 46 990 lbf
 Bucket capacity  0.55 - 2.06 m3  0.72 - 2.69 y3
 Max. digging reach*  10 635 mm  34'11"
 Max. digging depth*  6 960 mm  22'10"
 Operating weight  35 000 kg 77 161 lb 

*6.2 m, 3.05 m, 20'42 boom, 10' arm


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