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Load Assist helps unlock full productivity potential of Volvo wheel loaders

Load Assist from Volvo Construction Equipment is specially developed to fit Volvo L110H-L250H wheel loaders, consisting of an integrated system that eliminates guess-work from improving productivity and profitability.

Volvo Load Assist

The L110H- L250H wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment are built to deliver the ultimate performance. To maximize equipment utilization and increase revenues even further, these heavy-duty machines can be factory- fitted with the Load Assist system. Combined with Volvo Co-Pilot, the high resolution in-cab display, Load Assist increases uptime and productivity while at the same time reducing operating costs and securing important assets.

Load Assist is ideal for short cycle or truck loading applications including quarrying, mining and heavy infrastructure projects. The dynamic system improves load measurement accuracy, minimizes material wastage and reduces machine wear to ensure faster loading cycles and optimizes productivity.

With an accuracy of 1-2%, the operator can load at maximum capacity, eliminating material overloading, underloading and reweighing. Even on slopes and uneven ground, the amount of material being moved is dynamically calculated, accurate and easy to calibrate. If fitted, the rear view camera works automatically when reversing, combining
the load information and rear camera into a single screen. By optimizing loading cycles, Load Assist reduces vehicle turnaround time, saving customers time and money.

Unrestricted access
With machine, job and material data at their fingertips, operators can determine their load accuracy and improve productivity. The adjustable 10” in-cab display helps the operator maintain focus on the job at hand by minimizing interaction. With customizable audio and visual alerts, the operator is informed if load limits are exceeded. The flexible system has a large data memory and allows the operator to change work orders and targets, and monitor progress without an interruption in the  workflow. With greater machine insight and operator control, customers are better able to manage their operational costs.

With extensive detail of the machine’s performance and productivity, the customer can analyze machine usage and identify improvement areas. Information produced by Load Assist includes loading times, time taken to move material stock, the number of customer trucks loaded, and the tonnage volumes loaded onto customer trucks.


Built to last
To ensure that customers’ Volvo equipment stays in peak condition, the ruggedly designed components are made for heavy-duty applications. The three Inertial Measurement Units, two load sensors, and single display are built to withstand vibrations, humidity and extreme weather.

Perfectly suited to fit Volvo L110H-L250H wheel loaders, Load Assist components are vigorously tested and approved to meet Volvo Construction Equipment’s high standards. Like all Volvo equipment, Load Assist is supported by a vast global service infrastructure of technicians, workshops and dealers, providing support and peace of mind.


April 2016

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