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Compact assist

Real-time insight into the worksite

Compact assist

Unlock the full potential of your machine’s productivity with Compact Assist, Volvo’s Intelligent Compaction system for soil and asphalt compactors. Intelligent Compaction offers real-time insight into the worksite using pass mapping, temperature mapping and density calculation mapping for asphalt compaction, pass mapping and compaction mapping for soil compaction. With easy access to clear and detailed data, the operator is able to eliminate any destructive over-compaction utilizing the best touchscreen display on the market. You can also measure and keep track of density values with Volvo’s ground-breaking Density Direct feature.

Achieve maximum efficiency

Produce more consistent, high quality compaction with Compact Assist. Maintaining consistent coverage is key to ensuring properly compacted surfaces. The Intelligent Compaction system provides real-time insight into the work using pass mapping, temperature mapping and CMV (Compaction Measurement Value) mapping, enabling the operator to eliminate any wasteful and damaging over-compaction, saving you time and money.

Control at your fingertips

Volvo Co-Pilot utilizes one of the largest and clearest images of the worksite. For a simple, easy-to-use interface, the 10” in-cab display minimizes interaction to keep the focus on operations. Tap, zoom, and select options just as you would on your own mobile tablet or smartphone.

Meet your targets

Gain real-time estimated density with Volvo’s ground-breaking quality control tool. Intelligent Compaction with Density Direct (for asphalt compactors only) allows you to account for the effects of the entire paving train by calibrating to cores or an asphalt density gauge. This patented process lets you estimate the density value, with an average tolerance of +/-1.5%.

Maintain consistent improvement

Easily access and extract all machine, job and material data onsite or anywhere with cloud data download. Compatible with VETA, the system provides extensive detail of the performance of the roller without the need for any post processing or proprietary software. Using the saved data you can identify areas for improvement, and maintain consistency of targets.

A solution for every need

Receive more built-in features than anywhere on the market with the Compact Assist packages. From an integrated compaction gage through our ground breaking Density Direct feature, Volvo provides an Intelligent Compaction solution for every need.

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