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Dig assist

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Dig assist

Introducing Dig Assist, powered by the in-cab Volvo Co-Pilot tablet. Whether you are levelling sites, digging trenches, grading slopes or creating site profiles, digging operations have never been faster, easier and safer. Dig Assist is a suite of tools designed to deliver excavation accuracy in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods, eliminating the need to manually mark out a site and check depths and grades.


Intended for site levelling and profiling slopes, 2D uses real time data to clearly show operators when target depth or slope levels have been achieved. With just a few touches of the screen, a target depth is set and excavation can begin within minutes. Combine depth and slopes as required and use the machine to set your height reference. A laser catcher is included, located on the excavator arm, making the machine ready to operate existing and commonly used tools.

In-Field Design

In-Field Design makes easy work of time-consuming jobs, using GNSS and RTK navigation technology to offer centimeter-level accuracy across a wide range of tasks, such as trenching, foundations and driveway/pool preparation. Go from a paper drawing to a digital excavation model in minutes, using the simple on-screen instructions to design your digital shape before using the machine to replicate it in real-life. You can now select UTM zones, create design templates, and share them with your other machines thanks to In-Field Design Advanced. The cloud-based option also allows you to capture “as-built” GPS data points and export them via the cloud.


The ideal choice for complex and larger infrastructure projects. Offering full three-dimensional functionality, Topcon 3D-MC and Trimble Earthworks for Dig Assist allow designs to be uploaded directly into the Volvo Co-Pilot. Simply import a project file and get to work.

On-Board Weighing

When it comes to loading the optimum amount of material, intuition can only get you so far. What if you’re not moving enough material, or moving too much? Get the answers you need with On-Board Weighing.

And there’s more

Dig Assist is compatible with a wide range of intelligent tools to help you get even more from your excavator.

Cloud back-up

Volvo Co-Pilot is connected to the internet, meaning you can retrieve information via the cloud at any time.

Satellite support

GNSS components support the four major constellations: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo.

External radio configuration

You can configure SATEL (Topcon) external radio from the Volvo Co-Pilot screen without needing to connect the radio to a computer. The radio can be programmed from the cab, without removing any parts from the machine.

Site solutions

Dig Assist can be used together with a number of Productivity Services, such as Connected Map, Performance Indicator, Task Manager and Connected Load Out. Get in touch with your dealer to find out more!

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