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No need to worry when your machine’s standard warranty expires. We have a range of Repair options to help you avoid unexpected repair costs and protect your company’s cash flow. 

Full Repair

For unrivalled peace of mind, opt for Full Repair. This will also give you complete control over your cash flow as you will only pay the prices agreed at the commencement of your contract. Thereafter, Volvo will take complete care of your machine when any failure happens. Provides coverage for all components and parts, except those listed under Exclusions*.

*Exclusions will vary depending upon machine type.

Selected repair

If you’re working with a more limited budget, or don’t currently see the need to have the Full Repair option, there are two more focused Repair options:

  • Powertrain option – varies depending upon machine type, but typically provides coverage for the engine (and all lubricated components within the engine), the transmission, the axles and the hydrostatics.
  • Components option – provides the coverage in the Powertrain option, plus several key components such as alternators and frames – although coverage will vary depending upon the machine type. For example, on excavators it includes the boom and dipper arm.

Your Volvo dealer can also tailor a more comprehensive Repair option. Get in touch to find out more.

Adding the Maintenance offer to your Repair option is the best way of ensuring machine’s uptime.

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