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Pave assist

Unlock first-class paving results

Pave assist

Make light of heavy-duty jobs with Pave Assist, powered by Volvo Co-Pilot, the revolutionary on-board computer and display. With full access to a powerful set of work enhancing tools, Pave Assist not only saves you time and money, but also gives you the key to unlock first-class paving results.

Volvo Co-Pilot: your on-site partner

Produce higher quality outcomes, in less time and with less effort thanks to Volvo Co-Pilot. Developed in-house, the factory-installed computer and display is designed for use on Volvo machines ranging from excavators to pavers, delivering a new generation of smart services and solutions to optimize efficiency across any application.

Material Manager

Say goodbye to hours of measurements and manual documentation with live, on-board information and automated reports. Material Manager offers useful calculations such as distance and tonnage paved, paved area and CO2 emissions. By recording the volume of delivered asphalt and the amount of road paved, you can identify the machine’s throughput efficiency and build a record for future projects.

Thermal Profiling

Deliver a high quality mat surface that ensures high compact-ability and durability for the long road ahead. Thermal Profiling monitors the paved asphalt and detects temperature variations, helping you to ensure laid material is consistent throughout. By proactively evaluating the asphalt thermal quality, you can swiftly identify and correct process issues.

Weather View

Be prepared for changes in the weather with Weather View. The state-of-the-art application creates a timeline showing current and upcoming weather conditions, connecting you to high quality forecasting services. With the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, you can better plan and adapt more effectively – rain or shine.

Making paving easy

We have developed a user-friendly solution that greatly facilitates paving, making it more profitable. Pave Assist provides real-time insight into the operation, so you can monitor the progress and output of your work independently and confidently. Additionally, the data can be stored on the Cloud and accessed remotely, allowing complete paving management.

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